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Note: To ensure that you are charged the correct referral fee, you will need to categorize your items as precisely as possible when you list them on the website. Categorization of products is subject to Amazon’s sole discretion.

To sell on sellers pay the following fees (all fees are exclusive of 14% Service Tax)

Monthly Subscription Fee

You will continue to enjoy a promotional rate of zero monthly subscription fee until 31st December, 2015.

Promotional Rate applicable until 31st Dec 2015 Standard Rate
Monthly Subscription Fee Free Rs. 499
Closing Fee

Sellers pay a fixed closing fee based on item price that is paid by buyer (including the any shipping or gift-wrap charges) for Books, Movies, Music, Software, Video Games, Baby Products, Beauty, Health and personal care, Personal care appliances, Gourmet, Pet Foods, and Pet Accessories categories. Fixed closing fees will be charged as per the following tiered fee structure:

Item Price (including shipping) Fixed Closing Fee for select categories (per unit)
Less than equal to Rs. 250 NIL
More than Rs. 250 and less than equal to Rs. 500 Rs. 5
More than Rs. 500 Rs. 10

For all other categories, Sellers pay a fixed closing fee of Rs. 10 on each item sold.

Referral Fee

For all products, a percentage of the total sales price that is paid by buyer (including the item price and any shipping or gift-wrap charges) is deducted as referral fee.

Following categories will be charged at a promotional rate until the promotion end date specified below.

Category Promotional Rate applicable until 31 Dec 2015 Standard Rate
Accessories - Electronics, PC, Mobile Phones, Tablets (excluding Storage Devices and PC Components) 8% 12%
Apparel NA 15%
Apparel Accessories, Innerwear and Sleepwear 11% 15%
Automotive- Accessories 12% 15%
Automotive- Other subcategories 10% 15%
Automotive-Helmets, Lubricants, Parts, Vehicle Care 8% 15%
Automotive-Tyres 5% 15%
Baby Products 5% 15%
Beauty 5% 15%
Books NA 12%
Consumable Physical Gift Card NA 5%
Educational Software 12% 12%
Electronics - Devices 5% 8%
Electronics - PC (PCs, Laptops, Printer, Scanner) 4% 5%
Electronics – Storage Devices 5% 12%
Eyewear 11% 15%
Fashion Jewellery NA 15%
Gourmet 5% 15%
Handbags 11% 15%
Health and Personal Care 5% 15%
Home – others (excluding small appliances and Home improvement) 10% 15%
Home - Small Appliances, Home Improvement 5% 15%
Kitchen 5% 15%
Large Appliances 5% 15%
Luggage 11% 15%
Mobile Phones and Tablets NA 5%
Movies NA 12%
Music NA 12%
Musical Instruments 5% 15%
Non Educational Software 8% 12%
Office Products 5% 15%
PC components (RAM, Motherboards) 5% 12%
Personal Care Appliances 8% 15%
Pet Accessories 8% 15%
Pet Food 5% 15%
Shoes 11% 15%
Sporting Goods 10% 15%
Toys 8% 15%
Video Games Console 5% 8%
Video Games - Games & Accessories 8% 12%
Watches 11% 15%

Cancellation Charge: Sellers will be charged 2.5% of the order value for seller-fulfilled orders that are cancelled. A Cancellation Charge of 2.5% is applicable if: