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Amazon Business Advisory (ABA)

ABA is a Paid Account Management service that provides business intelligence driven strategic insights to the sellers in order to scale up their revenues and contribute in making them successful on the platform by driving key inputs. As a part of this service, sellers will be getting a dedicated account manager having expert knowledge in their relevant category.

Features and Benefits of ABA

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Account Manager
Work closely with an in-house Account Manager to brainstorm new and creative ideas
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Data-driven Business Plan
All sellers will have a dedicated account management plan, including weekly summary to analyse growth
Account Health
Get recommendations and best practices to have a good account health and get critical issues resolved through dedicated escalation paths
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Visibility & Performance
Make your presence felt across
Be on top of customers' mind through deals and campaigns recommended by experts
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Enhanced Product Selection
What is selling on our marketplace in categories you do business in? Get customized recommendations to improve selection
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Eligibility & Pricing
You must have an active Professional selling account in good standing on
Please note that initial engagement is for 3 months. Sellers have an option of renewing the service after the initial tenure ends. Choose your Average Monthly Revenue below to see the fee rates:
Average Monthly Revenue: Less than 15 Lakhs
Monthly Fee: INR 10,000 + 0.8% of Sales during the subscription period (GST additional)
Average Monthly Revenue: Greater than 15 Lakhs
Monthly Fee: INR 25,000
(GST additional)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the Amazon Business Advisory(ABA) Program?
ABA is a new launch on the marketplace to serve account management needs of sellers. Sellers can avail of a dedicated account manager who will offer data-driven recommendations with the objective of helping the seller improve selling performance on the marketplace
How is this program different from other account management services available in the market?
You will be managed directly by Account Managers (AMs) from Amazon. They have a real time visibility of data that matters to sellers, customer insights and can provide useful recommendations to sellers to improve performance across categories on our marketplace. They will create customized reports and plans of action, specifically for you. You can use exclusive data-driven strategic inputs recommended by experts of your category.
What are the inputs that the account manager will give?
This program covers inputs on 3 major categories – Selection, Pricing and Performance. The AM will use Amazon’s internal category specific data to provide recommendations on
  • Quickest and best way to get products listed.
  • How to improve catalogue score and enhance visibility.
  • Which bestselling and popular ASINs be can chosen to expand selection.
  • What products are popular with customers so that you can manage your inventory efficiently.
  • Which products are not selling fast enough and what should be done to improve performance.
  • How to improve the overall account health and become a seller of choice for customers.
  • A Joint Business Plan (JBP) will be created for sellers specifying the aspirational milestones, followed by periodic inputs to achieve those.
  • Ways to optimize Sponsored Campaigns and improve ACoS.
  • How to qualify for the most effective deals.
  • Best practices to create Enhanced Brand Content.
Who is eligible to avail the Amazon Business Advisory(ABA) Program?
All existing Sellers on are eligible to avail the Amazon Business Advisory(ABA) Program.
What is the duration of Amazon Business Advisory(ABA) Program?
This program has an engagement period of 3 months initially with an option to renew at the end of this period. There are occasional offers of additional free engagement, depending on the season of sale.
Is the seller data safe with the Account Manager?
We treat your data with utmost confidentiality. Seller information and specific sales data is never disclosed to any person as we are serious about protecting seller confidential information. We will only share meta-data about selling patterns and customer preferences across the marketplace to help you strengthen your performance.
How to register for the Amazon Business Advisory(ABA) Program?
Click here for preliminary registration for ABA and we will reach out to you with the next steps. Before starting the engagement, you will have to sign our standard agreement.
Where can I reach if I have additional queries about ABA program?
To know more about ABA program, please reach out to
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