Lakhs of sellers launched their business on Amazon in 2020

This New Year, kickstart your journey with Amazon

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2020 has been one of the most challenging years because of the pandemic. It directly impacted the lives and livelihoods of people, especially the small business owners. As the country started unlocking itself, these resilient sellers restarted their businesses by finding innovative ways to serve their customers.

Over 1,45,000 sellers launched their business on after Unlock 1.0 and are looking forward to flying higher in 2021. This New Year, kick-start your journey with Amazon.
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Why sell on Amazon?

of customers on, India's most visited shopping destination
of pincodes that are servicable in India, can receive amazon orders
sellers surpassed 1 Crore+ in sales in 2020, with 29% more crorepathis than the previous year

Stories of our Sellers Bouncing Back

Local business goes online


Based in Bangalore, Bala has been running his local business selling water solutions and adapting it for solar usage. When COVID-19 hit, he lost most of his walk-in customers and turned to the Local Shops on Amazon program. Through Amazon, more customers have been discovering his business and placing orders, helping him bounce back.

Educating tomorrow's geniuses


STEMPEDIA, an Ahmedbad-based startup, has been building for the geniuses of tomorrow with science & educational kits, that they sell through the Amazon Launchpad program. To adapt to the challenge of COVID-19, they relied on Amazon to handle their logistics through FBA.

Upcycled products get a second life


Green Soul - one of our Amazon Saheli sellers - has had a vision for selling upcycled goods for years, and when the pandemic rolled around, they took the opportunity to provide an essential product - face masks - applying their upcycled philosophy.
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