Small Business Day 2019 for selling on amazon
14th December, 2019

Sell on Amazon during the 2019 Small Business Day

Amazon Small Business Day is an annual sale exclusively for Small Businesses to showcase their unique selection, deals and special offers for customers on During the inaugural Amazon Small Business Day last year:
shopped on Amazon for the 1st time
across India had orders placed
sales increase
seen by thousands of sellers vs BAU

How can I participate?

New to selling on Amazon?
It's a great time to Start Selling.
With 15Cr+ customers on, you can become an Amazon seller and give your business national reach during the biggest shopping season of the Indian calendar.
Already selling on Amazon?
If you are seller, the best way to make the most of the Small Business Day 2019 is prepare for the potential increase in demand. Click the link below & you can get personalized recommendations for Prime, advertising, coupons and more.

How do I prepare for the sale?

With the largest number of customers visting during the Great Indian Festival, the best way to make the most of this sale period as a seller is to be prepared. As an Amazon seller, here's what you can do:
Make sure your top products are in stock
Inbound your products to Fulfillment Centers closer to customers
Set up sponsored product campaigns to increase reach
Price competitively to increase your chances to win the buybox
What our sellers have to say...
"We are delighted for having taken part in 'Small Business Day' in 2018, an incredible initiative from Amazon for small and medium sellers. We saw a 2X jump in sales over BAU in just one day! Being a small brand based out of Kerala, Amazon has given us the confidence of dreaming to be a bigger brand that can reach out to more & more Indian households "
- Christy Tressa George, Looms & Weaves
"Nobody knew my Made In India brand 'TRONICA' earlier, but with the help of this platform and the constant feedback and reviews has made my brand popular among Indians. Amazon Small Business Day was a wonderful opportunity for small sellers like me to showcase & tell the world Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahi ! I am really delighted to see a 3x jump during the event."
- Manjeet Singh, Embee Enterprises
Become a seller and get ready for the Small Business Day 2019
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