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Sell refurbished and pre-owned products to millions of customers on
Grow your business by selling on Amazon Renewed
Through Amazon Renewed, you can sell refurbished and pre-owned products to millions of customers on You can sell on Amazon Renewed if you meet our performance bar and can supply quality products that have been tested and certified to look and work like new.
What are Amazon Renewed products?
  • Amazon Renewed products are capable of being repaired/refurbished and tested to look and work like new. Repair/refurbish capability means that products must have electrical and/or mechanical components that can be replaced and/or upgraded to new or like-new condition.
  • Your refurbishment process typically includes a diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts, a thorough cleaning and inspection process, and repackaging where applicable.
  • Your products come with all relevant accessories as expected for new products, and have minimum 6-month seller-backed warranty.
Why sell on Amazon Renewed?
Be part of an exclusive program
Only Sellers that meet our quality criteria and can consistently supply refurbished and preowned products are permitted to sell on Amazon Renewed.
Sell to millions of loyal customers
Enjoy high customer trust due to the stringent customer satisfaction goals that are in place to measure seller performance.
Leverage Amazon's trusted e-commerce capabilities
Amazon's selling tools and fulfilment capabilities enables you to sell refurbished products to customers across Amazon’s global marketplaces.
Grow your refurbished business
Grow your business by selling
on Amazon Renewed and reach customers looking for
more buying options.
What can you sell?
To qualify as a seller of refurbished and preowned products, you need to adhere to our program policies and product quality policies and warranty requirements for refurbished and pre-owned products, meet our performance bar and accept the programme terms and conditions. Once you qualify, you can sell high-quality like-new products at great prices to our customers in the following categories:
Mobile Phones
Personal Computers
Kitchen Appliances
Power Tools
Home Appliances
Video Games Consoles
How can you start selling?
1. Register to be a seller on Amazon
You need to first be a registered seller on Amazon to be able to sell refurbished and preowned products on Amazon Renewed.

If you are new to selling on Amazon, we will also help you set up your selling account once you apply below to sell on Amazon Renewed.
2. Qualify to sell on Amazon Renewed
  1. You agree to the Amazon Renewed Quality Policy and Program Terms and Conditions
  2. Procurement Invoices
    • If you are Manufacturer - Provide proof of proof of brand ownership (e.g. trademark registration document)
    • If you are Distributor/Reseller - For Phone & PC Products, Share invoices showing a minimum value of 8 lakh (single or multiple invoices) in qualifying refurbished purchases in the previous 90 days from the date of the application with product name clearly mentioned. You may black-out the unit purchase amount on the invoices.
    • For rest categories, you may share invoices showing a minimum total of 8 lakh in qualifying refurbished purchases in the previous 180 days. If you are an existing new product seller on Amazon and want to list customer return inventory, you may provide Invoices of respective new products purchase.
  3. Product Images – You will require to share ten images of sample units from all 4 sides and also showing in the packaging you plan to ship. Include image with the screen turned on if you have product with screen. These images will provide us with a visual representation of the types of like-new products you would like to sell on Amazon Renewed. Proof of using diagnostics inspection software will require for Mobile Phones.
  4. Warranty Provider details – You provides a minimum 6-month seller warranty on all of your products.
    • If Brand is supporting warranty for your products, provide a proof (email or letter from Brand) that Brand will honor warranty on products sold by you. Residual warranty will not be considered as Brand warranty unless the Brand confirms the same.
    • You may also partner with third party warranty provider to offer warranty. You will require to submit the proof to confirm the tie-up.
3. Start selling and grow your business
Once your application is approved, you can start selling by listing your refurbished and preowned products or adding your offers to existing product listings.
When customers order, you can either fulfill them on your own or use Fulfilment by Amazon.
If you are able to meet the above mentioned criteria, send us your details by clicking on the button below. We will contact you within 14 business days on given phone number/email. If you have any questions, send us email at email
We look forward to helping you sell refurbished and preowned products on Amazon Renewed.

The Amazon Renewed team.
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