Invoicing Feature and PTC Update

With GST implementation from July 1, 2017, a GST compliant invoice is mandatory for all Easy Ship and Self Ship orders. The Invoicing feature will be made available in Seller Central. You must print invoices for every order from your Seller Central Account.

Tax will be computed for every Self-Ship and Easy Ship orders based on the applicable PTC (Product Tax Code)* assigned by you in your Seller Central Account.

In order to get ready for this:
1) Update your GSTIN, if not already done.
2) Assign the applicable Product Tax Codes (PTC) for your account, product category, ASIN (as the case may be) from the GST page.

Please note that the tax settings in Seller Central Account will have account level default PTC set at default rate of 18%. You can review/update the applicable PTC for your listings anytime in your Seller Central Account.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is a *Product tax code (PTC)?
PTCs are codes which are mapped to GST rates notified by the government (i.e. the percentage of taxes which are applicable for sale of product or services). Tax calculation system under your Seller Central Account uses the PTC selected by you for your account, product category, ASIN (as the case may be) to calculate tax on the products or services you list on

What are the different PTCs and applicable tax rates?
Product Tax Code
Tax Rate (IGST or CGST+SGST/UTGST combined)

What PTC should I select if I sell in multiple categories?

You can set the PTC at the account level if all listings belong to the same tax category. You can also override account level PTC and set ASIN level PTC if you are selling in multiple categories. Please take independent advise from your CA/ tax advisors in this regard.

Need more info on PTC?

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