A wholesaler’s guide to sales promotion techniques

by Swetasree on 15/02/2018
As a wholesaler you must have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place. The said strategy should be inclusive of robust sales promotion techniques, without which you cannot achieve long-term growth and success in your venture. However, these sales promotion techniques should not be such that it just improves brand positioning. Promotion strategies must also yield quantifiable benefits in terms of higher sales and profits.

Whether you are just getting started on your wholesale business or whether you are a seasoned wholesaler, a set of practical marketing strategies can always come handy. Sales promotion techniques will help you expand your customer base, and you will get more orders, among other benefits. Without further ado, let’s explore the top promotional techniques that you can use for your wholesale business:

Offer special discounts

As a wholesaler, you’ll always be selling your products by bulk, in turn have regular customers who would buy known quantities at a given point of time. You must make use of this trend and offer discounts on your products every now and then. A weekly or monthly sale offering levels you up and makes you a recognisable face amongst your competitors. Retailers are always on the lookout for discounts that will add to their savings. Offer discounts and avail benefits in the form of increased orders. Wholesale price is always set at a discount, however, that being said, you can always set a discount beyond the initial offering. There’s more, you can offer incentives for those who purchase in bulk in form of gifts, reward points, etc.

Treat your customer right

Go that extra mile and treat your customer with utmost professionalism. Concede at times; remember that losing out on business a little to make your customers happy works out well for you in the long run. If you are unable to process a request, make sure your refusal is professional and courteous. You may even consider sending apology gifts to keep your customer sated. If you receive an overwhelming request, acknowledge them all the way through processing. These little gestures creates a loyal customer base.

Streamline your operations

Automating order placement and the distribution process ensures that your customers wait for much lesser period of time than an expected delivery. Your primary customer base, comprising retailers, usually look out for a streamlined process of operation. Smoothening operations gives you a distinct edge, making your company one that all retailers would want to work with. Always remember that your customers, in turn, run businesses of their own. More often than not, they’d expect you to function efficiently when they are efficient practitioners in their own right. Your professionalism should indicate that you value your customers, respect them, and their time. As a result, expect increased orders and loyalty toward you when compared with other wholesalers in the market.

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