Advantages of a digital catalogue

by Anindya Ray on 26/10/2017
Digital catalogues are the best way to showcase your range of products in a manner that will grab the potential customer’s attention. A virtual place where you can view complete details of a product including images, videos, specifications, price, features, and benefits from the comfort of your desktop, laptop tablet or mobile. With digital catalogues, businesses have the potential to turn product information on a flat page into an experience. The objective is to help the customer make an informed buying decision.

A digital catalogue allows you to:

1. Put your best foot forward
Digital catalogues enable you to display your products in their full glory. The appeal of your brand is enhanced by high-resolution photographs of your product from all angles that a buyer would like to view and full HD videos that show your product in use.

2. Up to date product information
It is easy to edit digital catalogues. As product information keeps changing at a fast pace, your catalogue would be obsolete if you are not able to update information and images as frequently as you need to. With digital catalogues, you are always on the ball.

3. Save on marketing and associated expenditure
Your digital catalogue is your virtual store. When you take your store to the customer, either through an online marketplace or by mail; you save considerably on traditional marketing and other associated expenditures like advertising and promotions to attract customers. Investing on a digital catalogue will save significant amounts.

4. Real-time tracking
Digital catalogues allow you to track performance of your store real time. When potential customers visit your catalogue, you can record and track the user's shopping pattern and habits. This helps you in improving and modifying your product line and the way you sell them.

5. Your brand goes where your customer goes
With the huge leap in smart phone usage, people can shop from anywhere, anytime. When you have a digital catalogue, your brand goes where the customer goes. Your shop is available to him whenever he wants to shop.

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