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by Chaithanya Prabhakar on 30/03/2016
Amazon constantly strives to be the largest Online Store on earth by bringing the largest selection of products to its customers. Because of the huge selection of products that is available on this online marketplace, it can sometimes become difficult for sellers, like yourself, to be discovered easily on Amazon. Therefore, to solve this problem, we offer advertising options to our sellers as one of the more prominent ways to be discovered by the right customers on

Advertising on Amazon is not very different from advertising on mediums like newspapers, billboards, hoardings, Google or other popular websites. All these platforms give brands prominent placements to be noticed. Products that get enough visibility because of advertising are noticed better and sell more. It makes customers aware of the seller/product and makes them consider it when they are looking to buy something.

Advertising on Amazon helps you cross sell and up sell your products, increases your sales and helps in building your product visibility and brand. For example, you can leverage the extended reach of the ads to help customers discover your new/unique products, move seasonal items, cross sell related products and create an exclusive online store showcasing all your products or the products you desire to sell first.

There are two primary advertising solutions that can help your products be discovered on

Sponsored Products – Sponsored Products (SP) helps your products show up amongst the organically searched results on It also allows you to get noticed by customers on important pages such as the product detail page and the search page. These ads target customers searching for the keywords or products you select when setting up your ad campaign.
Sponsored Products help you get discovered quickly, drive sales and in the process improve your product’s page ranking through organic search on It is the best way to bring up your products on the first search pages.

Display Ads – Display ads allow you to place banner ads (these are image based ads) on some of the premium properties of such as the top of search results page, right side of product details page and deals page. You also get three targeting options: Keyword based, Product based or Interest based. You can use the image of your choice to attract more customers. Through keyword targeting, you can show your ads to customers searching for specific words or keywords. Through product targeting you can reach out to customers who are looking at similar products as yours and through Interest targeting, you can reach out to customers who have shown interest in your type of products in the past.

These advertising options also provide dashboards and detailed reports, which can be used to track your ads and improve their performance to generate more sales. The best part about advertising on is that you will only be charged when a customer clicks on your ad – essentially, when there is some action due to advertising.

If this excites you and you think this could be helpful in growing your business, then please register to get started on Sponsored Products by clicking on this link. To start advertising using Display Ads, or for any other advertising related query please drop us an e-mail at and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. In case you have not registered to sell on Amazon, you can click here.

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