This festive season, are you doing enough to make your products discoverable by shoppers?

by Sneha Nichani on 12/10/2016
Amazon, being one of India’s leading online marketplaces hosts thousands of sellers selling a variety of products across India. Beyond the crores of products being sold regularly, there are thousands of new products being added every day as well. With so much variety, the first and most important step towards driving up sales of your products is to make them easily discoverable to shoppers.

To assist you with this, we offer simple advertising solutions that will help drive your products’ visibility and sales. The two primary advertising solutions used by thousands of sellers on the Amazon platform are:

1) Display Ads (DAS) and,

2) Sponsored Products (SP)

A little more about Display Ads:

Image based banner ads that are placed prominently on Amazon across both, desktop and the mobile sites are referred to as Display Ads or DAS. DAS follows the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) pricing model where you can enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay when your ad is clicked. This is called the CPC bid amount. Also, for the ad itself, you can also use an image of your choice as the banner to attract more customers. For advertising, DAS offers three targeting options:

Keyword based: Through keyword targeting, you can show your ads to customers searching for specific words or keywords.

Product based: Through product targeting you can reach out to customers who are looking at similar products as yours.

Interest based: Through interest targeting, you can reach out to customers who have shown interest in your type of products in the past.

Benefits of using DAS:

It helps in creating brand awareness and increasing brand and product visibility amongst shoppers.

Precise targeting options that help you reach out to the most relevant shoppers.

Get in-depth reporting that allows you to track various metrics such as sales generated specifically from DAS etc.,

If interested in getting started with Display Ads (DAS), you can write to us at

A little more about Sponsored Products:

The other popular advertising solution available to you is Sponsored Products that helps drive sales and increase product visibility through ad placements even on the first page of the Amazon Search results. We have talked about Sponsored Products in our previous posts and to learn more about how to use it and transform the way you sell, click here. To learn how to create a Sponsored Product campaign, you can click here.

To boost your sales and make the most of this festive season, we recommend using Sponsored Products along with Display Ads that will not only help in product visibility but also help build brand awareness in the shoppers’ minds.

If you have not started selling on Amazon yet, please click here to register as a well as take advantage of these advertising benefits.

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