All you need to know about restock inventory

by Swati Bucha on 4/3/2018
Amazon believes in making it easier for its sellers to manage and grow their businesses. To give them the ease of doing online business, Amazon frequently launches new features. One such feature is the Restock Inventory feature.

Inventory management recommendations and related estimates (e.g. estimated days of supply) are based on a variety of factors, which may include customer demand from the fulfilment centre, your sales history, seasonality trend, historical selling prices and sales volume. The relevance and accuracy of such recommendations will improve when you enter additional details related to procurement of various products.

The Restock Inventory tool is intended to provide the online sellers with information that helps them manage their inventory levels at the registered Amazon fulfilment centres following the forward-looking demand. However, the use of this tool is not a substitute for your own judgment about demand for your products.

This feature provides fulfilment centre-level optimum restock and inbound quantity recommendations for the offers that you have listed under Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). It helps sellers get an accurate and economic restock and inbound quantity recommendations for the products having demand on the marketplace.

Using this tool, you can maintain the desired stock availability of the selections with improved fast-track eligibility by placing the inventory closer to customer’s location.

To access this tool, navigate to the following path on Seller Central: Inventory > Inventory Planning Dashboard > Restock Inventory

Hope this article helps you manage your inventory better. However, if you have not yet registered on Amazon, please register now.

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