Amazon Diwali Dhamaka: Sign up free as a seller today

by Bisakha on 30/10/2018
Product photography for selling on Amazon
The busiest time of the year for e-tailers is here. If you are starting a business in India, this time around Diwali accounts for a major portion of annual sales for e-commerce players and if you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity, start your own internet business today.
Diwali Dhamaka is just around the corner. Go for it — sign up as a seller on Amazon today.

But before you start…
• Shortlist the products you want to sell
• Define your target audience
• Know your competition and be different
• Make a comprehensive strategy, including evaluation of the competition, determining ROI, SWOT and communications planning
Yes, you read those right. You will not need a website to start selling on Amazon. Simply register on the Marketplace and once you complete the registration, you’ll get access to the Seller Central platform.
Selling on Amazon’s seller portal is a four-step process. You’ll have to…

You can add items to sell to the Marketplace catalogue one at a time. If you have a professional selling subscription, you can add several batches of products with the help of smart bulk tools.

Once you’ve listed down all your products, your customers will be able to see them on With features like 1-Click and a brand millions trust, the team at Amazon helps customers make hassle-free purchases.

Here are three tips on how to sell well:
1. Create (And Test) the product description template

Unfortunately, you’ll not get a one-size-fits-all sample.
But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to make your own description template. Take your time and consider the quality criteria your target audience is seeking and ensure that you include it in your descriptions.

A few helpful questions to guide you are:
i. What problem is your product trying to solve?
ii. Would you like to share this with a friend?
iii. Does the description clearly highlight your product’s key features and benefits?

Once you have found your own formula, test them out. Implement them on a set of your products and monitor the results.

2. Use good quality images
Even if you’ve mastered writing product descriptions, you should still have images to go with it. Why? Because about 63% of customers think that images are more important than the reviews or the description.

3. Make it easily scannable
People have short attention spans, so your product description needs to be able to capture their attention effectively. You can do this by making descriptions scannable, letting the buyer find the exact information he/she’s been looking for. Include bullet points, short paragraphs comprising a few sentences and lots of white space.

Amazon will notify you whenever a customer places an order. Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and let Amazon handle the shipping for you.

Get Paid
Amazon will transfer the payment into your bank account at regular intervals and send a notification once the payment is successful.

Now that you know how worry-free starting a business with Amazon is, what are you waiting for? Register on Amazon to have your entrepreneurial dreams come true.
Become an Amazon Seller today
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