Amazon Seller App: Fastest way to sell products online

by Tabish Altaf and Swati Bucha on 07/12/2016
The Amazon Seller App has revolutionised the way in which millions of sellers across India are efficiently managing their businesses on the go, using their mobile devices. The app carries unique features like aiding smooth buyer-seller communication, order details, order fulfillment notifications, and shipment confirmation of seller shipped orders. It also makes it easy, convenient and timesaving than ever before for sellers to list their products online.

According to a report, sellers using the Amazon Seller App have a 30% faster response time to customer queries. So, if you have a hot-selling item and want to sell it on Amazon before any kind of competition builds, below are a few ways in which you can quickly list your products on Amazon. You can also download the Amazon Seller App for iOS and Android to use these features.

Scanning the products: Scan the product in actual packaging using your phone camera. Amazon will detect the product from its existing products and show you relevant listings. All you need to do is scan it and upload it with the relevant details that describe your product.

Scanning the barcode: You can use your phone camera to scan the product barcode and list the product adding relevant details.

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