Do you take advantage of Amazon’s Seller University?

Everything you need to know about Amazon's Seller University

by Arshiya Dey on 04/05/2016
Amazon Seller University learn how to sell online and grow your business
Amazon’s Seller University (SU) aims to educate and guide sellers on the basics of online selling and the best practices to follow, to build a successful online business. They aim to improve your marketplace performance by developing your proficiency of the Amazon platform and business operation skill. Their prime focus is on designing easy-to-understand content in various formats and motivate sellers’ learning through multiple choices like tutorial videos, webinars and training manuals. This initiative uses various topics and mediums to help and prepare you to sell on a global platform to crores of customers all across the country.

Under the Seller University (SU) initiative, Amazon India has launched a Seller specific YouTube channel with over 580 selling videos in 5 languages (covering Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Telegu and English), web based online training sessions (webinars) including step by step help for new sellers and has also trained freelancers (also known as ATES - Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist) to assist sellers in-person in different parts of the country.

The YouTube channel also hosts a variety of Seller testimonial videos that will help you learn about the benefits of selling on Amazon from fellow sellers. Other information and guidance videos cover all major processes to help you navigate through Seller Central (the platform you need to use to register and sell on Amazon) very easily.

Similarly, during the web based training sessions, also known as webinars, you can virtually see the online trainer take you through all the steps on Seller Central and you can even ask questions directly via the chat option. In case your doubts are not cleared, you can directly ask the trainer to help you. Seller University has helped thousands of sellers to not just start selling but also manage their online business successfully.

Indian Sellers from over 700 cities (including smaller cities like Ladakh, Guwahati, Salem, Darbhanga, Bhilai, Karur, Panipat, Anand, Aurangabad, Udaipur, Goa, Aurangabad, Indore, Surat etc.) have benefitted from these SU initiatives making it one of the prime sources of information and guidance for online selling.

The best part is that all of the Seller university material, information and guidance information is available to our sellers via theSeller Central help pages for free. So, if you are new to online selling, you can register on Amazon and learn how to build your online business taking the help of Amazon’s Seller University.

We wish you Happy Learning and Selling!
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