Wondering what to sell online? Start with shoes!

by Yash on 25/02/2018
Research suggests that in the present day, 47.3% of the global internet population shops online*. India is no exception to the global trend, and courtesy the nation’s millennial population, the e-commerce market in the country has witnessed a volcanic boom in the past couple of years. For the new age shopper, nothing beats the comfort of browsing through an inventory of products, selecting it, and having it delivered at their doorstep. Add to that all-year-round offers and discounts, and e-tail emerges as a clear winner when compared to retail. You yourself have surely experienced the perks of online shopping, so how about selling online?

If you’ve ever considered becoming an online seller, here’s your chance to join the club of successful digital entrepreneurs of the day. You have nothing to stress yourself about. You need to keep in mind a few important facts before starting off and you’ll be all set to start selling. Make sure that:

You have identified a target customer base and products that appease to them.

Products you sell are brand new and unique.

Products are of right good quality.

Shoes from major brands are listed using the manufacturer's UPC code. For more information on UPC requirements and exemptions, read this.

Once you’ve taken care of the products you want to sell, here are some tips that will help you boost your sales:

Compelling images: One of the key factors of selling shoes through an online portal is having images of the product from multiple angles, which will offer the potential buyer a good view. High resolution, clear images of the design, pattern, material or style will help shoppers decide if the product they are looking at is what they really want to buy.

Intelligent pricing: Attractive pricing never fails to attract the attention of customers. You need to carry out a research and compare your products with similar products within the brand to ensure that you have listed your products at a reasonable but profitable price.
Underpricing will lower your profit margin, and will at the same time make your clients doubt the quality of your product. On the other hand, overpricing also makes products hard to sell. Hence you need to strike a balance and zero-in on an optimum price range. On Amazon, you can get access to tools which will aid you in pricing your goods intelligently and keep track of your products without any manual effort.

Catchy product descriptions: While listing your shoes in an online marketplace, mention every detail of the products such as size, colour, brand, heel height, and material. Mention any special feature that the product may have which sets it apart. Last but not the least, write a catchy product description to not only attract your customers, but to convince them that your product is the one they have been looking for.

Now that you have all the information you need, come on over, register with Amazon, create your product catalogue, and enjoy being an e-tailer on the largest online shopping destination in the country.

*Source: Invesp: Global Online Retail Spending - Statistics and Trends

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