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by Swati Bucha on 13/04/2017 is full of different types of sellers. Similarly, the buyers who come to to shop are of many different types. This can mean that different approaches can work well with different types of buyers.

Previously, we discussed the preferences of four different types of shoppers and how you could best cater to their needs, but not all buyers choose their products based on price or quality or want latest products. There is another category of buyers who are looking for a great experience. Such customers are picky not just about the product, but the entire experience of using a product and every tiny detail counts for them.

Such a customer, as soon as he opens the Amazon box, is immediately delighted if the package of the product is bright, appealing and beautifully designed. Opening the box should be a smooth process that doesn’t require any violent tearing or chopping up. Inside the box, the attention to detail is extremely important. Products are packaged smartly, and smaller accessories are neatly packaged. The importance of this is also visible in the countless “unboxing” videos you see on YouTube.

This category of buyers might sound amazing, but they are easily lost. So, now your question would be how to cater to these kinds of shoppers?

How to cater to these kinds of shoppers?

These types of shoppers are common in the industries such as fashion, beauty, and luxury goods, where high value is put on making the customer feel exclusive and unique. Shoppers like these are often looking to redefine their standard of living or lifestyle.

Appealing and Intelligent packaging: Delighting your customers with the perfect packaging is an easy way to ensure your customer is delighted from the moment they receive your shipment. It protects your product from damage. Inside the Amazon package, such customers would love to see a product box is bright, appealing and easy to open. Inside the box, high level of detail and smart packaging makes the unboxing experience enjoyable. A good example is how some mobile phone brands place the accessories in a smaller box with a slot for each item, instead of stuffing them all into a packet. This can also encourage your customer to return to you for your other products.

Thank you note: Some customers love a personal touch, and nothing says personal like a handwritten note, thanking the customer for the purchase. Not only it will help them feel special but will also help you earn their trust. So, it is a win-win for both the seller and buyer.

Detailed responses to queries: Often customers interested in your brand would enquire with you on your range of products or want further details on a specific ASIN. Instead of rushing to promote your product, if you take the time to understand the customer’s need and then recommend the correct product for their use, you can build trust by giving the customer an excellent personal experience.

We hope this series helps you better understand the types of online shoppers that could be interested in your products. Some shoppers are more common in particular industries, and some are trickier to deal with than others. Once you have an idea of the type of shopper on your site you can probably begin to tailor your efforts to meet their exact needs which would encourage them to buy from you in the future. If you haven’t yet started your online shop click here to start your journey today.

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