Amazon’s winning Automated Repricing Service, here is how you may benefit from it

Time to compete with other businesses by having better offers

by Arshiya Dey and Tarun Gupta on 23/02/2017
If you are a seller, you probably already know competitive pricing attracts thousands of customers. Wouldn’t all of us want to pick up the same product for a lesser cost? However, as sellers, it may increase your effort of keeping up with the trending price all the time. It can divert your focus from delivering great customer service to obsessively trying to maintain a good price.

In case you are an Amazon seller, you got lucky. To help address the above situation and allow sellers to focus on other aspects of selling online, Amazon launched a new automate pricing tool in Seller Central. This new tool lets you auto update the price of your products and offer competitive prices to buyers that lead to increase in sales. It helps small businesses compete and sometimes win over larger businesses because of a better offer. It also helps you move slow moving inventory by offering discounts.

The most exciting benefit of this feature is the fact that it is very simple to use and quickly understands the rules set up by the seller. At any given point, you have the freedom to cancel or pause a rule based on your requirement. With Automate Pricing being implemented within Seller Central, all Amazon sellers will be able to maintain excellent prices for their products.

In the words of Harshal, an Amazon seller representing SpeedUP shoes, India, ‘’A strategic price control to win buy box is very important and needs to be real-time and without manual intervention. Earlier if we may be giving more discount in order to be competitive we would compromise on our margins or if give less discount than other seller so our stock would be stuck. Amazon's newly launched tool "Automate Prices" enables sellers to be most competitive without compromising more on margins. Also the best offer price from our side goes online real-time and stock sales movement has increased. We appreciate amazon for this new tool and wish good luck to add more features in this new tool."

To use this free-of-cost feature, you must register as an Amazon seller by clicking here.

If you are already selling on Amazon, you can click here to start using the tool.
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