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by Pinaz on 26/01/2018
India is the most rapidly growing online retail market globally* and by 2021, a fifth of the total retail sales will be from online channels in Asia Pacific**. Fast-evolving consumer preferences, brand awareness, and the rapid mobile penetration is driving the growth of the Indian apparel industry.

The question is, who loves to dress up the most? Well, men of late have, but it is the wonderful ladies in majority, right? The popularity of apparels combined with the convenience of online shopping from a variety of options can prove to be beneficial for ladies garments manufacturers. A teacher-turned-digital-entrepreneur took the path-less-travelled by and explored the plus-size garment manufacturing market, only to come out a shining star. You could be the next Gunjan and make your mark on the platform of e-commerce.

If you are an aspiring fashion entrepreneur, and thinking of launching your own apparel brand in the marketplace, we suggest you factor in the following for a smooth start:

Know before you go: Clothing is a competitive market. A good understanding of the industry trends can translate into success. Research the marketplace to understand what consumers really like and why they would choose you over another brand. Start small with a single product line. Include trend analysis to pinpoint the latest styles and maximise profits gradually.

Remember the law: As with any business, it is important to comply with all the regulatory requirements for registration, licenses, etc. Make your business a legal entity to prevent any unnecessary hiccups.

Keep it simple and catchy: Word of mouth travels fastest when it comes to consumer preferences. Keep the brand name easy to remember, and catchy to grab the attention of potential customers.

Jazz up packaging and keep pocket-friendly pricing: Gain your customer’s loyalty by offering discounts, special deals, attractive packaging, and competitive pricing. All these factors, when optimally combined can help boost success.

Smart marketing for great sales: When launching a new start up as a ladies garments manufacturer, marketing plays a key role in reaching your brand out to the consumers. You’d also need to hire a photographer to take good quality product images, and an advertising agency to spread the word.

Easy returns & shipping: Perform what you promise. Timely delivery, smooth, cost-effective shipping, and returns determine consumer’s choices online. Factoring shipping costs in the pricing, and offering fuss-free policies will go a long way in generating more sales.

Be judicious about your finances: When you are starting from scratch, it is important to evaluate your financial resources, the business cost to commence and continue the business profitably. From space, and staff to training, etc. all need to be planned to a T.

Wise inventory management: From keeping an adequate supply at all times to an organised inventory listing, productions requirements, and storing, inventory management is an integral part of a smoothly running business process.

Worried about all taking responsibility for all these factors? Whether you intend to produce affordable or high-end apparel, don’t be stumped. We suggest you consider the robust, online marketplace of Amazon for selling your products. From reaching out to crores, to professional services that can help you in your journey, to swift shipping, Amazon takes care of every logistic requirement for your business.

So, you can focus completely on increasing your sales and growing your business as a ladies garments manufacturer is only a fashion-forward store away. Register now as a seller to leverage Amazon, to scale the reach of your creative branded products with your own online store, and generate sales galore.

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**Source: Forrester: Forrester Data: Online Retail Forecast, 2016 To 2021 (Asia Pacific

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