Today’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality: Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur in India

by Rohini​ on 27/10/2017
Are you looking for unique ideas to start a business in India? Maybe you want to channel your passion or make the most of your spare time, in order to generate revenue? With some planning and a bit of hard work, your dream can become reality. India’s vast population coupled with a rapidly growing economy makes it an ideal place for your business to thrive. Here are some opportunities you can easily take advantage of, which do not require tremendous capital. You can also opt to take small business loans to help get you started, if need be. So, read on to find out how to become the successful entrepreneur you always wanted to be.

Start by choosing an industry you want to build your business in. Then, conduct a feasibility report. Keep in mind that with India’s diversity, each region differs from another, so make sure to identify your target audience and trending preferences accurately.

Personalised and custom-made gift store

If you enjoy arts and crafts, have artistic style and a flair for visual presentation, you may have found just the right business opportunity. Gifting is a major aspect of special occasions and festivals, and many customers seek to personalise their gifts and make them unique. Zone in on this by using your talent to create a gift store that fulfills this demand. Partnering with Amazon is a simple, hassle-free way to begin. What’s more, you receive support throughout the entire selling process.

Travel agency

With incomes steadily on the rise, much of the population is exploring its love for adventure by travelling. Be it domestic or international, you can set up your own travel agency which offers customers a package that is both affordable and of quality. Curate the cheapest flights, the best hotels and tourism options and present it to the market. You can create customised special packages for retired folks, honeymooning couples or even backpackers.

Grocery and supplies online store

No matter the season, food supplies and groceries are essentials that will never flag in demand. A growing chunk of the working population is resorting to conducting their grocery shopping online, in order to avoid crowds, traffic, and save time. Seize this opportunity to set up your own online grocery store. Register with Amazon to take advantage of convenient packaging, delivery and payment systems as well as a wide, already existent customer base.

So choose your niche, create a business plan, and get started on these unique ideas to start a business in India. Let Amazon guide you through the entire journey.

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