Benefits of starting a business in India

by Arshiya Dey on 23/06/2017
India’s constant drive to focus on innovation has helped it rapidly grow as a country that allows ease of doing business. In the past decade, thousands of startups have sprouted across the country that are not limited to it’s financial capital in Mumbai or the startup hub in Bangalore. Many of these businesses have been set up in tier 3 and tier 4 cities allowing the youth of the country to experiment, innovate, learn and grow.

Of the many benefits of doing business in such a fast growing market, listed below are a few that may help you take the plunge, quit your job if it creates monotony and build your dream!

Easy access to the Internet – The World Wide Web as we all know is the richest source of information. With over a billion people using the internet regularly, it is easy to set up an online business. Crores of Indians already shop online, all you have to do is pick one of the bestselling online products, list them on an online marketplace and set up your store.

Diverse and free society – What’s the best thing about being part of one of the largest democracies in the world? The freedom to choose and the opportunities to choose from. India’s diverse culture allows you to set up a business anywhere within the country. It allows easy movement of products across all state borders, the flexibility to recreate and customise existing products and sell them as unique products on an ecommerce marketplace.

Business friendly laws – In India, laws are constantly changing and evolving to help small businesses grow. There aren’t many stringent policies that limit you from starting a business or investing in a business. For example, the Indian government’s Make In India initiative focuses on 25 industrial sectors, many of the products manufactured at these sectors are tax exempted. In fact, the GST (Goods & Services TAX) form of taxation has recently been introduced to simplify and club all the indirect forms of taxation under one umbrella.

Low labour costs and reduced operational costs – Unlike the many western countries, India’s economy has been largely stable witnessing a year on year rise. However, that has not drastically changed the cost of labour. If you want to set up a low investment business, you can set up an online store with Amazon and fulfill all your other requirements of creating catalogues and getting product photo shoot done by third party service providers at nominal costs.

For a country as large as India, there is always place for more. To tap into the business sector, you can quickly register yourself and start selling online with Amazon.

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