5 Best Ideas to Increase Sales Through Social Media

by Laboni on 19/02/2018
Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social, said Jay Baer, one of the most prominent digital marketing and online customer service experts of the day. In today’s lingo, being social is synonymous with being active on social media. And, if you’re an e-tailer, ‘being social’ can make all the difference to your sales.

So, why is ‘being social’ such a big deal? Making your presence felt on social networks is a big deal because there is no tool more powerful than social media in marketing today. Connectivity and shareability can spell wonders for online sales. Assuming you’ve been in an online marketplace for a while, you’re aware that cut-throat competition often results in a slump in sales. But, all of it is negotiable through social media outreach.

In case you’ve been pondering upon ideas to increase sales, read on to find out how your social media presence can engage customers and trigger sales.

Connect through the best channels

It’s time to reach out to your customers. But, simply having a social media presence won’t cut the deal. You’ve to identify the best social media channels reach out to your target customer base. Your customers could be active on a particular social media channel like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Use these outlets to interact with your customers.

The other factor you must consider is that having social media buttons in your website is not enough. You’ve to leave your digital pheromones on your emails, newsletters, blog posts, etc. for your customers to explore and discover your presence everywhere.

Engage by telling a story

In order to retain your customers, you need to engage them. To engage them, tell a story. Hook your customers by creating a brand story on social media. Appeal to your customer’s emotions, and build on customer involvement through steady exposure on multiple social media channels. Social Media allows you to create and broadcast your narrative, this helping customers identify themselves with your brand. Post updates regularly and make sure your customers are aware of your presence online.

Build excitement through fresh leads

Generate fresh leads by organising flash sales, referral contests, special offers, sectional discounts on selected merchandise, etc. Make sure your new customers are redirected to a ‘Sign Up’ page to access the promotional offers. Use this opportunity to offer all customers a newsletter about all your future activities. This is a great way of keeping your old customers involved and gaining new ones.

Make buying on social channels easy

If you’re engaging with customers on social media, you might as well help them make purchase through these social channels. Buy buttons on social media reduce effort on customer’s part to just one click. This translates into fast sales. Facebook Buy Button and Buyable Pins on Pinterest are just two simple examples of the process.

Circulate User Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated Content (UGC) can comprise anything from product reviews, shopping experience, to photo sharing, recommendations, etc. A recent study concludes that potential customers who come across UGC are 97% more likely to convert into customers than those who don’t*. Use your social media pages to circulate user generated content to build brand value and increase sales.

All said, an established online marketplace has social media presence that is far-reaching and already alive with existing customers. So, if you register as a seller on Amazon, you get access to the web-store’s vast customer base to sell your products. Amazon Sponsored Products lets you target customers across PC and mobile, ensuring your products are well-seen. So, get on Amazon now and start selling.

*Source: Business Insider: Consumer Generated Content Helps Drive Online Sales

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