How to choose the best lens for product photography

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 09/11/2017
A product catalogue is one of the most important attributes of online selling as it provides the customers with visual representation of the product that they cannot touch and feel. Having well-captured and clear photographs on your product page is instrumental to a good catalogue and can greatly influence the buyer’s decision. Along with a high quality camera, it is also important to pay close attention to the type of lens used for shooting product photographs. This article will help you choose the right type of lens depending on your specific products and other needs.

Determining the lens based on product size: The primary differences among different lenses are its focal length and aperture size. The former determines the field of view or magnification of the subject while the aperture opening controls the amount of light received by the camera sensor through the lenses. For smaller products such as jewellery, small toys or collectibles, you may require a lens that specialises in macro photography as you would want a highly detailed close-up picture of the object. Larger products are better captured using a general purpose lens that provides sharp and clearly focused images. Thus, it is important to decide the kind of lens you would be investing in, based on the products you plan on selling.

Choosing between prime and zoom lenses: A zoom lens has variable focal length that can be changed by simply turning the lens, thus letting you get closer to or farther away from the subject without changing your position. This makes zoom lenses highly versatile as they can be used to click individual as well as group shots of products that feature multiple items. On the other hand, prime lenses have fixed focal length but feature larger apertures, better image quality and are generally cheaper than their zoom lens counterparts. Choose the type of lens based on your budget and overall requirements.

Miscellaneous lens features: Most modern lenses come equipped with features such as image stabilisation to avoid blurry pictures caused by camera shake. While this is a great feature to have, these lenses are pricier than their non-stabilised version and can be avoided by simply using a sturdy tripod. Other lens features such as tilt-shift for unique perspective, ultra-wide angle covering a large area or super telephoto for greatly zooming in on your subject may be handy in different product photography scenarios.

Achieve tact-sharp and clear images using the right kind of lenses to improve your product’s catalogue and attract more customers. By using specific lenses, you can consistently achieve good photographs and help buyers get a better look into the colour, shape and size of your products.

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