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by Arshiya Dey and Amit Sonwani on 23/03/2016 is India’s largest online marketplace where crores of customers come to shop from a varied range of products, giving you the ability to sell all across the country. Hundreds of sellers, selling different kinds of products (from apparel to grocery) register to sell on Amazon every day to expand their businesses. While it is highly profitable for you to be a part of such a huge marketplace, it also means more competition and the need for you to always provide customers with excellent products and services.

To help you do that, Amazon has a dedicated team of professionals who can help you with managing your online business account. This team, known as the Account Management team, is equipped with data and knowledge to give you the right suggestions on actions that you can take to increase the visibility, discoverability and sales of your products.

This team analyses your business type, requirements and performance and then shares important information with you via e-mails, SMS and Seller Central notifications on opportunities to grow your sales. The kind of assistance, guidance and tips shared vary for different businesses, at different times, depending on the type and kind of products you sell. So all you have to do to get this information is to keep an eye out for emails and SMS from Amazon sent to your registered email address.

Some examples of the inputs the team will share with you are as follows:

Inputs to run Lightning Deals or Banner Promotions
Amazon has a dedicated page for deals and promotions that run for a short time durations. You can offer great deals on your products (reduced cost for a brief time period) and benefit from selling large quantities of units in one go.

Inputs on upcoming events on runs promotional events for festivals and occasions regularly where you can sell related, fast moving products. You will be informed about these events well in advance so you can arrange for products in demand within the given time.

Inputs on selection expansion
You will also receive regular advice and inputs on products or sub categories that are in high demand and buyers are looking to buy. Look out for alerts about the products for which the demand will increase in the coming months as it will help you plan ahead and arrange for the estimated amount of products.

Suggestions to improve your listing quality
Before making a purchase, online buyers pay great attention to the product information added by you. Details such as dimensions, performance, images and specifications help a buyer make a quick and informed decision. You will be given multiple suggestions on how to improve your product listings and can also get help from our third party service provider network.

Other inputs relevant to your business
There will also be more suggestions and inputs shared with you like business specific information on categories that can help you grow, information on specific products that you can promote or keep in stock or new services from Amazon that can help you expand your sales.

As an Amazon seller, you will automatically be receiving all of this information through e-mails on your registered email ID (the email that you use to log in to Seller Central). Please make sure that you check your registered email-ID regularly so that you do not miss out on any of these important mailers and the chance to participate in any of the events or promotions during which your products can get good sales.

As always, in case you have queries or would like assistance with your selling account, please get in touch with our Seller Support team and you will receive complete guidance.

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