Business Ideas for Beginners in Bengaluru

by Pinaz on 26/12/2017
Bengaluru is the intellectual, and inventive cosmopolitan capital of the Southern state of Karnataka, and the hub of India’s IT sector. Nicknamed the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is home to some of the most hi-tech industries, and a large crowd of working professionals. The city, therefore, is great place to explore business ideas for beginners in the country. And, the easiest way to begin is e-commerce.

You can opt for online platforms such as Amazon, where your prized products get a global welcome. With all the logistics, shipping and costs taken care of, you can concentrate on the products you want to sell such that your business can grow with increased sales. Here are a few suggestions for business ideas for beginners that you can take online:

Photography – If you have the talent and passion to infuse life in to photos, you can get paid for your hobby. Sell your niche photography skills on an online platform such as Amazon and partner with their Service Provider Network.

Tech products – This is a generation of gizmo lovers. If you are an IT whizz kid, showcase your gadgets and sell the tech products that will have an earning potential for a long time.

Travel products – A stop at Bengaluru calls every tourist to visit Mysore, Ooty on their travel sojourn. Your creative sleeping bags, travel bags, tents, etc. can be in demand and drive your brand name too.

Health Food Shop/Organic product shop – Bengaluru is no exception to the health food trend that’s on the global popularity charts. With accessibility to organic foods and other healthy treats, you can cater to the vegan lovers and bring their market to their doorstep.

Excited now about your business idea in India as a beginner? Register now on Amazon as a seller and take your first small step to initiate your business in Bengaluru, the erstwhile capital of start-ups. Reach out to thousands of customers all over the world with your products and let Amazon be your partner that fulfils every requirement so you can boost your sales and enhance your customer experience.

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