Business ideas for glass manufacturers

by Agnishekhar on 02/02/2018
The origin of glass manufacturing can be dated all the way back to the early Mesopotamian civilisation. Today, glass has transformed into a significant utility. Glass is a major contributor in modern architecture, alongside having a variety of usage in day to day activities. This extensive usage makes glass manufacturing a major industry with infinite possibilities.

When it comes to glass manufacturing, there is a wide spectrum of ideas to explore. With cutting edge technology being used at the production level, the possibilities seem to be expanding. Here are a few ideas that could be the next business idea for you:

1. Chandeliers: One of the most lucrative ventures available to a glass manufacturer, chandeliers are a luxury item prized as a possession. From beautiful old school designs to avant-garde styles, these glass masterpieces are the perfect for those with a creative bent of mind. With technology like dice cut designs and hot press machines, it is possible to manufacture chandeliers on an industrial scale. You can also try some of your own designs and see your art light up hallways and prestigious buildings. Some of the factors you will need to consider while setting up a chandelier business are the production costs and energy regulations compliance.

2. Glass Etching: While a largely small scale industry, glass etching is a form of art that is cherished by people all over the world. With no dominant company in the sector, companies can sustain a healthy competition that translates to a healthy growth curve. The most popular style of glass etching is etching a stencil cut pattern on a piece of glass. However, other methods are also available such as sandblasting. In this method, tiny particles of sand are blasted onto the glass surface and removed carefully to leave behind an etched pattern. The recent trend in the glass etching industry started a couple of decades ago with window panes. Today, glass etchings can be seen on various glass products such as glass awards and corporate gifts.

3. Glassblowing: This is one of the oldest existing glass product manufacturing techniques. While a good idea for a hobby, glass blowing is also a great idea to transform into a business. The artistry behind this kind of glass making makes these products very valuable in the market. Products could range from glass blown sculptures to bulbs and terrariums. The DIY aspect of this idea makes it a great business venture with limited capital investment for beginners to explore.

4. Glass Bottle Manufacturing: Glass bottles are an ever-growing market. With policies to protect the environment, people tend to use glass over plastic for their bottles. This makes glass bottle another great glass manufacturing business idea. What’s more, you can start this from your own home.

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