Business Ideas in India for Beginners in Rangilo Rajasthan

by Kamini on 26/12/2017
When planning an e-commerce initiative, location is an important aspect to consider, simply because wherever you decide to set up base bears a direct impact on the cost and revenue your business can generate. In this sense, Rajasthan is the right place to invest if your business is centred around unique products bearing a trademark of the place of its origin. The state of Rajasthan with its rich cultural and traditional heritage, and a plethora of indigenous art forms presents some of the best niche opportunities for e-tailers looking at a global customer base. In fact, here are some business ideas in India for beginners to explore:


Hand-crafted items that come directly from the artisans and crafters themselves are always in demand, be it among tourists or locals. Rajasthan, with its myriad traditional art forms is a treasure trove of handicrafts. You can get started on this venture by doing a market research on the most popular local handicrafts and sourcing them locally. Well-known for its handcrafted wooden dolls, camel craft, silver home décor items, etc. trading in Rajasthani craftwork online can prove to be a profitable venture for beginners looking at relatively failsafe ideas to begin selling online. In addition, selling online will help you reach a global customer base and gain significant traction for your business.


Rajasthan is synonymous with colourful, elaborate clothing. Bandhni, Lehariya, Bagru, and Kota Doria are only four of the many regional specialities found in Rajasthan. Sourcing and selling textiles is therefore is a good place to begin your first online venture.


Rajasthan is a famed tourist destination, both among national as well as global tourists. It has seen as high a footfall as four crores of tourists in the years 2015-2016*. The tourism industry in Rajasthan offers a gamut of possibilities of e-tailers to tap into. From professional guide services, car rentals to manufacturing souvenirs, gift boxes, etc. you as an e-tailer can choose to sell a product or service of your choice to tourists. Since the influx of tourists remains largely stable in the region, tourism industry is again a great place to begin for debutant entrepreneurs.

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*Source: News Bharti: Over four crores of tourists visited Rajasthan in 2016

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