Cardboard box manufacturers are flourishing in India and here's how!

Find out the reasons behind the success of the cardboard making industry

by Anindya Ray on 06/10/2017
Corrugated Cardboard Box continues to be the most preferred mode of packaging because of its versatility, strength, cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness. Corrugated Packaging plays a vital role in the Supply Chain Management to ensure safe transportation of goods. Cardboard is not only used as shipping containers but also as display and shelf ready packaging.

The Cardboard Box manufacturing industry in India is worth INR 15,000 crores* and has grown at a healthy rate of 12-14% annually in the past five years. Changing lifestyles, higher disposable incomes and the advent of e-commerce have all led to the rise of the cardboard box industry.

One of the main reasons behind the success of the cardboard making industry is the material itself. For ages it has been the answer to all a packager could ask for.

Cardboard is…
Lighter than plastic and wood
Resilient and can carry a lot of weight
One of the most diversely used material
Comes folded, needs very less place to store
When recycled saves 50% on energy
The most popular packaging material in e-commerce

With many global brands entering India, the demand for high quality boxes of international standards is increasing. The industry has moved on from manual to semi-automatic and now to fully automatic high speed machines to manufacture Cardboard Boxes.

Today the industry is moving forward by incorporating management systems and techniques for efficient operation of the plants. Aware of the need of the industry to maintain consistency in Quality, Cardboard Box manufacturers have started implementing Quality Systems and attaining ISO Certification. Modern Printing processes have transformed the old screen printing process to high-speed Flexo which has enabled attractive branding on cardboard boxes aiding marketing of products.

With educated and enlightened entrepreneurs entering the industry, Indian Cardboard Box manufacturing is taking giant strides in terms of Quality, Productivity and Technology.

Cardboard Boxes are a vital component of the e-commerce industry. Amazon is always keen that you successfully sell your products online with convenience and cost efficiency. If you need any assistance in selling online or procuring Cardboard boxes for your packaging needs, please create your free Amazon account here and then drop a request to our Service Provider Network (SPN).

* Source: Corrupack Summit 2013
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