Category guidelines for fashion product photography

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 15/06/2017
In a previous post, we shared some general tips for fashion product photography. Here’s a category-wise guideline for a good fashion product shoot:

Women’s Apparel: Kurtas, sarees, dresses, legging, jeans, skirts and other women’s apparel should ideally be photographed using a live model. However, if you are unable to use a model for the product shoot, you may use mannequins to place your garments. The mannequins should then be photoshopped out of the image before uploading.

Men’s Apparel: Only the products that are for sale should be shown. For example, if you are selling a shirt, then the pant should not be shown. The pants and trousers should not be crouched, they must rather be shot in the standing position.

Sportswear: There should be no running, squatting or jumping images. The main aim is to show the product and not what one can do wearing it.

Jerseys, Sweaters and Sweatshirts: Do not graphically add the text or illustration to the product. No props must be used while shooting the products. Additionally, front and back views of the products cannot be used in the same image or as the main image.

Shoes and Bags: Only one shoe must be displayed in the main image, as long as it is not a combo pack. The subsequent images can have both the shoes in different positions. The inside view of bags and backpacks must be captured.

Jewellery and Accessories: Chains and bracelets can be placed in a spiral position while clicking a photo. Close up image of the products is an absolute must. Earrings and rings must not be cut and shown completely. Bracelets and anklets should not be shown on a model as it cuts off a part of the product.

Costumes: All accessories of the costumes must be shown. No additional props must be used just to demonstrate an effect.

Folded Apparel: For folded shirts, cuffs and sleeves should be displayed. Do not use pictures where the sleeve is not visible or the pants are folded and does not convey the length.

Swimwear and Intimate Apparel: The focus should be kept on the product instead of the model. Do not shoot images in an unrefined way.

Follow these guidelines while shooting fashion products to create good catalogue for your products. If you need assistance with product photography, please get in touch with our Service Provided Network (SPN). Want to become an online seller? Register now to reach out to millions of customers.

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