Common myths about selling online

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 01/06/2017
Millions of Indian customers are now treading their way into the online market to buy all kinds of products. So as a seller, if you are not already selling online, you should consider it to help your business grow.

However, you may have a lot of doubts about the entire concept of selling online. Some of the things you might have read or heard may be holding you back from becoming an online retailer. Through this blog, we hope to dispel some of the commonly believed myths about online selling.

Myth 1: I need my own website to sell online
Fact: While many businesses rely on their own website to go online, it is not always the case. Pre-established online marketplaces like Amazon are a great way to take your business online, as they come with their own loyal customer base, giving you access to millions of existing customers. Furthermore, you can ride high on Amazon’s marketing efforts to get customers without spending too much on advertising. It’s also easy to get started - you can register on as a seller within minutes.

Myth 2: Online business needs huge investment
Fact: On the contrary, setting up an online business is easier than you can imagine. Once you have your products and valid documentation in place, it is a matter of creating an account and listing the products to go live on Amazon. It is a simple and cost-effective way to take your business online.

Myth 3: Inventory management is a tough process
Fact: Amazon gives you the flexibility to either store and ship products yourself, use our EasyShip solution or let Amazon manage the entire storing, shipping and customer service part of your business via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). All you need to do is transport your products to an Amazon facility centre (FC). Still not convinced? You can also use the Amazon seller app to manage your inventory in an easy way – on the go, using just your mobile device.

Myth 4: I have to give a lot of discounts
Fact: This is perhaps the most common misconception sellers have. No business person would want to sell at a loss and a marketplace like Amazon understands this. All you have to do is provide competitive pricing for your products as per the market demands and trends. It’s the same way of working as offline retail where customers will buy from you if they get a good deal. On Amazon, you also have the option to automate your pricing. This tool will take care of pricing your products after assessing recent market trends in accordance with the rules you have set on the tool.

Myth 5: Reaching out to customers amidst competition is impossible
Fact: There are different ways in which you can help bring out and promote your products in front of your customers on Amazon. You can advertise your products on Amazon through various services like sponsored products and display ads. You can also build your online reputation with customers by providing quality products, memorable customer service and incorporating their feedback.

Selling online may sound difficult, but it is actually an easy way to help you reach out to a large consumer base and grow your offline business. Now that some of these myths have been busted, why not go ahead and register yourself as a seller on Begin your online selling journey today and grow your business!

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