Getting support as an Amazon Seller could not get easier

by Arshiya Dey on 03/11/2016
Support for Amazon Sellers
Selling on Amazon is an easy and quick way of setting up your business online. This is possible because the Seller Central platform used by sellers to register and manage their seller account is constantly being updated and simplified. The platform is made up of various user-friendly tools that let you navigate through the selling processes with ease. You also have access to numerous help pages at any given point that can be referred to in case the need arises. For everything else outside of Seller Central, there is additional support.

As an Amazon seller, you will have access to numerous support channels that will help you sell better and earn faster. Whether you need help while listing your products, setting up your online store or grow an already well-established online business, Amazon has you covered. Of the numerous support channels offered to our sellers, we will briefly focus on the five primary ones:

Seller Support – The Seller Support team has well trained and equipped executives who are available to help you on call at all times throughout the day. Apart from providing support in English, this team also assists in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu. To get in touch with our seller support team, please click here.

Webinars – To help you on specific focus areas, we have regular online trainings sessions known as webinars. These sessions have live chat options that allow you to clarify your doubts while the training is on.

Seller University – To help you understand various processes on Amazon in a seamless manner, Seller University provides an array of short and simple videos in multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada that guide you step by step. Click here to access these videos.

Account Management – This is a dedicated team of professionals who can help you with managing your online business account. The team is equipped with data and knowledge to give you the right suggestions on actions that you can take to increase the visibility, discoverability and sales of your products. They go through your business details on a regular basis, evaluate your selling performance metrics and work on an improvement plan that is later shared with you to execute.

Third Party Service Provider’s Network – To sell on Amazon you do not need to hire an army of staff. All you need is a little professional help and that can be easily availed by contacting any of our third party service providers. These service providers are well aware of the Amazon processes and can help you with all your requirements. To learn more about service providers, please click here.

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