Create a rule to automatically price your products without extensive manual effort

by Arshiya Dey, Varsha Menon and Tarun Gupta on 09/03/2017
In an earlier blog we briefly wrote about the new Automate Pricing feature that automatically sets the best price for your product. In this post, we will help you understand how to use this feature by creating a pricing rule and applying the rule to your products.

There are four primary steps to set up Automate Pricing for your selling account:

Define the rule parameters – this tells Automate Pricing when to change price, and what pricing action the rule should take.

Select the SKUs that you want to reprice

Set a minimum and maximum price so that your price stays within the range you want

Click on Start Repricing and Automate Pricing will get to work automatically.

Let us look at a step-by-step example:

To set up or create a pricing rule, you need to log on to your seller central account with your username and password. Once logged in, follow the steps mentioned below:

On seller central, click on Automate Pricing under the Pricing tab.

Click on Get Started

Now define a rule parameter. Give your rule a name.

Choose if you want the rule to follow the lowest price or the buybox price.

Choose whether you want to stay below, match or stay above the buybox price

Choose the amount or percentage you would like to stay above or below the buybox price

You can also select filters on your rule which ensures that your price changes in particular conditions when an item has the same fulfilment channel as you

Click on Save and Select SKUs

Note that none of your prices will change until you apply your rule

Use the Search bar to select the SKUs you want to automatically price and set a minimum and maximum price

Click on Start Repricing and confirm. The SKU will start repricing. To stop repricing, select Move Stop and choose stop automatically repricing this SKU and click on Stop SKU

You can add or remove SKUs and pause or delete your rules or create a new pricing rule anytime.

If you are a seller and would like to avail this feature please click here to register yourself on Amazon first and then follow then steps mentioned above. One you have created a pricing rule and want to learn how to edit it, please click here.

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