A Three-Step Formula to Create an E-commerce Website

by Rohini on 10/11/2017
To put it simply, any kind of commercial or business transaction conducted online comes under the umbrella of e-commerce. The ability to use the digital medium to market and sell products has opened up a gamut of opportunities for entrepreneurs. But, digitisation also comes with its own unique challenges.

So, if you’re looking to sell your products online, the first logical step would be to register as a seller in an online marketplace. Amazon can a perfect partner in your endeavour. Read on to know how.

Grow with Amazon

To start selling online, you need to create an e-commerce store. However, by partnering with Amazon, you have access to a ready-made free e-commerce website. All you need to do is register here as a seller. Realise your dreams with Amazon’s vast global customer database and convenient seller support services.

In case you want to give building your own e-commerce website a shot, here’s how can go about it.

How to create an e-commerce website

You can now create an e-commerce website of your own with the help of various e-commerce software solutions available online. A website builder is an effective and easy-to-use software that helps you create e-Commerce website step by step. You will get many such software online.

The tools and features available on these platforms are quite similar to each other. They offer end-to-end solutions to help you get your e-Commerce store up and running.

The three primary steps to create an e-commerce website are:

Choosing a platform that best fits your needs. Create your account and select a domain name for your e-Commerce website.

Choosing an existing template available to design your store or creating a template of your own. Upload the product pictures and descriptions.

Setting up the options for payments and adding the products and their details.

Once you have the basics in place, do a sample run of the checkout and work on the SEO nitti-gritties and analytics.

Additional site-builder features available on few software are –

Enabled page layout customisation: While creating your free e-commerce website, you can drag and drop blocks of content for social media, testimonials, videos and image galleries to make your pages unique and different.

Add option for site search: Provide the search functionality and help your consumers to find what they want easily.

Added in-page option to edit: tweak from any page and fine tune your online store using the rich in-page content editor.

Basics to Remember

Before you get on to creating your e-commerce business, there are few simple basics you need to ascertain, such as:

Conduct thorough market research and find out the most popular product online. It’s important to decide what type of goods you will sell online.

Once you have decided the type of product to sell, choose the e-commerce solution from the many available that best suits you.

Start working on developing your free e-commerce website.

Once through with the creation, choose a domain name for your website.

Start marketing your online business once you get paid.

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