Create great offers to increase your sales this festive season

by Arshiya Dey on 19/10/2017
Festivities and offers go like synonyms. In India especially, one is incomplete without the other. Be it Onam, Dusshera, Diwali or Chistmas, don’t we all love to more during the holidays? One of the major reasons customers shop more during this period is because there are great offers, and if you sell online, creating a great offer is essential if you want to see an increase in sales.

If you are new to the selling business and want to know about the various kinds of offers you can list out for your customers without running into loss, here are a few options for you to try:

Lightning Deals: These short time period offers are great if you want to quickly increase brand visibility or would like to move slow moving stock. When you put your products on a lightning deal, your product is sold at a discounted price for a limited period of time as preset by you. These products and offers are then shown under the Today's Deals section on that is flooded by customers trying to grab products for a great deal.

Combo offers: A lot of customers often come to shop for 1 variant of a product but most often combo offers lure them into buying more than what they had thought they need. Combo offers can be of all kinds that include you offering 2 pieces of the same product at a discounted rate as compared to if they bought a single piece. Some popular combo offers include need based products, for example, if you buy a shampoo and conditioner combo you get a 10% discount as compared to you buying only the shampoo for the full price.

Repeat shopper offer: A large number of sellers, in order to increase their loyal customer base, give discounts based on the frequency of a shopper buying from them. For example, the first time a shopper buys from you, a 5% claim code is shared with them for their next purchase. Keep a realistic time of the validity of the offer. The next time the shopper buys from you, give them another 5% discount. This encourages the customer to buy from you again and bring more.

Volume discount offer: A common method in offline shops is offer larger discounts to get sellers to buy more. When you sell on Amazon, you do the same too! A common example of this offer is if you buy 1 you get 10% off, buying 2 gets you 20% off and buying 3 gets 30% off. This encourages buyers to choose the higher quantity and for your sales to increase.

Free Offer: Instead of giving a particular product on offer, give a free product paired with a slow moving product. For example, lots of people still believe in buying cakes of dishwashing soap over the liquid dishwashing soap. To encourage people to buy the liquid, give a smaller sample detergent cage soap free with the liquid. That way you are encouraging they but liquid soaps while adapting to the experience. Another common way to use this offer is to pair a purchase with a product you know the buyer will need. A buyer may be willing to buy a mobile phone from you compared to another seller if you are offering a screen guard free of cost! As we all know, the best offer capture’s the customer’s interest.

If you register to sell on Amazon, creating offers can be very easy. All these options are available on Seller Central for you to easily set up and manage, these offers can be used all the year round during multiple festivals to boost your sales, build a customer and increase your business. If you have more questions about selling you can visit our Start Selling Guide

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