Create product variations using variation wizard

by Ayesha Siddiqa and Akshat Gupta on 15/06/2017
Selling different variants of the same product helps you achieve a larger customer base due to the variety offered. However, listing each of these products as a separate product is time-consuming for you as well as confusing for the customers. In an offline store, you would have to display each variety of the product to the customer. You won’t face the same issue online as you can group different variants of products together, through a process called ‘creating variations’.

In a previous blog post, we spoke about how you can create variations using the ‘Add a product’ feature. This article will help you in creating variations using ‘Variation Wizard’.

How to get to Variation Wizard:
>Log in to Seller Central
>Under the Inventory tab, select ‘Add a product’ feature.
>Click on the “Add a variation using Variation Wizard” link.
>In the variation wizard, there are two radio buttons. This blog will cover the first option, which is “Add or update an existing variation family”.
>Select ‘Add or update an existing variation family’.
>Enter UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN of your product and click on search button.
>If the variation exists and corresponds to the item you want to list, you can click Sell yours instead of creating a variation.
>If the variation does not exist click on the “Add Variation” button.
>Enter details in Seller SKU, Product ID, Type, Condition, Price, and Quantity fields.
>Click on Save and Finish to successfully create variations.

If you do not want to list individual variations you can generate a template of the variations you want and upload it via “Add products via upload” under the inventory tab.

There are different ways of creating variations on Amazon; choose one that best suits you. We continuously strive to make selling on Amazon an easy affair and creating variations is one part of it. To become an online seller and reach out to thousands of customers all over India, register yourself here.

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