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by Arshiya Dey on 01/06/2017
Online selling offers endless growth opportunities. Whether you want to take it up as your primary career goal or simply make it a part-time side business, you are always free to choose. Similarly, while deciding to sell online you are faced with one other choice, which is to choose between an online marketplace and your own e-commerce platform. We had previously informed you about why thousands of sellers are choosing to sell on an online marketplace every day, today we will tell you about the other benefits that an online marketplace holds for you but may not be available if you create your own e-commerce website.

Let us start with what a basic E-commerce website requires; a well-designed, user-friendly website with a secure payment gateway. To create an e-commerce website from scratch is not quite budget friendly. There are costs related to designing the e-commerce website, then developing it, adding a payment gateway for secured payments, testing the performance of the website and maintaining it. You need a salaried, full-time working team to execute and maintain the process.

With an online marketplace like Amazon, it is far simpler. The website is ready, trusted and easy to use. Crores of customers across the country visit every day to buy a variety of products. Whether it is a pair of shoes or a washing machine, you can buy and sell everything. The selling activity usually happens on a seller specific platform known as Seller Central that allows you to add your products, price them and receive payments for your sale in a timely manner.

Below mentioned are the other benefits that Amazon as a marketplace can offer that may not be available if you own an e-commerce website yourself:

Third Party SPN services: Quite often when you own a business by yourself, you also take care of the initial setting up processes. Hiring somebody to do it on your behalf can seem exhaustive. However, once you are on Amazon you get access to our third party Service Provider Network. These service providers can create help you create product catalogues, add products on Amazon, do product photography and provide various other extended services at a nominal cost. You also have the freedom to choose how often you need their service and for how long you wish to continue.

Shipping options: As you design an e-commerce website, you are also expected to partner with third party logistic services to ship and deliver your products. Partnerships of this scale require constant effort and immense relationship building calibre. With Amazon, the story could be slightly different. Apart from the various shipping options, Amazon also offers a shipment tracking facility. Amazon’s logistic services usually help your products reach your customer on or before time. Opting in for services like FBA will give you the Prime badge that can attract crores of Amazon Prime customers and increase your sales.

Seller App: If you invested in making an e-commerce website, you know how much it could cost to create an App. Without an App however, you are restricted to your desktop or laptop to do online business.
Amazon’s Seller App allows you the convenience of accessing your seller profile and managing your selling business on the go. Whether it is about requesting an Easy-Ship pick up of your product or about managing a return request.

Brand Trust: Creating, designing and running an e-commerce website could turn out to be a disappointment if people find it difficult to find your website. The World Wide Web is huge and with the high rate of competition, it is easy to get unnoticed. Collaborating with a brand like Amazon, will help you gain brand trust and recognition. People will identify with your brand as they already know Amazon and buy from it for years now. Similarly, they will identify with your brand and buy from you.

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