Creative ways to use packaging supplies during Diwali

by Arshiya Dey on 19/09/2017
There is a saying that goes, ‘’all that glitters is not gold’’. But, if your product is of great quality, why shouldn't you add a little glitter to make your customers feel special this Diwali season?

In India, Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals and because of its popularity; there is festive mood across the whole country. Crores of customers shop for the festive season and a huge majority shop online. This is also a great time to earn yourself a new customer, so, how do you do that? By, bringing a smile on their face and packing the products they ordered in an attractive and creative manner.

Let’s explore a few options below that you can take tips from:

Festive packaging: The first impression has a huge impact of the customer. And to really connect with the customer’s festive spirit, why not start with packaging that has a festive flavour? Be it a lively package depciting children bursting crackers, rangoli colours and patterns that invoke nostalgia, or simple and elegant gold patterns reminiscent of our Diwali attire, a Diwali-special package can really help put a smile on a customer’s face even before they see your product. In fact, last Diwali, most of the products shipped through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) were wrapped in our festive packaging.

Use Arts & Crafts items to decorate the packaging: From using water colour to paint a diya on top of your packaging to tying little bells across wherever possible, you can go all out. Use ribbons if it’s a baby product, or a Burlap tape if you aren’t used to using ribbons. You can also use Washi Tape (designed patterned tapes) to make a bow or even draw batman with your pen when you are packing a Batman printed T-shirt.

Personalised Packaging: For most customers, a simple Diwali greeting which is shipped with your product can go a long way. Customers usually purchase new clothes for Diwali, so you can ship your product with an apparel-themed Diwali message, such as “May this brighten your Diwali wardrobe”. If it is a regular customer, then write a little note and add a little gift that can identify with your customer. For example, say you have a customer regularly purchases your rice/spices or any other food product. This time when they order, you can add a small sweet which would be an unexpected Diwali surprise for them. Third party e-commerce management softwares such as Browntape offer you the ability to keep track of your most loyal customers.

If it’s a new customer, then tying a similar handwritten note to your product will make them feel happy. The idea is to, think of your customers as people who are just like you, so when they receive a product that comes with more than just the corrugated cardboard boxes, they will want to buy from you regularly.

Organic Packaging: India is home to some of the largest paper, jute and cotton-producing industries that can help reduce your dependency on plastic products for packaging. Since, festivals attract a lot of plastic pollution anyway; you can do your bit by using paper rolls or crushed newspaper balls as a cushion to pack fragile items. You can also, use jute threads to make ribbons and tie it around the first layer of your packed product. Being sensitive to these concerning issues that earn you thousands of loyal customers who strive to ensure an organic way of life.

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