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by Laboni on 30/10/2018
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There’s nothing quite like opening a beautiful box of gifts on Diwali. The Festival of Lights is as much about spreading warmth as it is about ushering in prosperity. As all of India decks up in a gorgeous garb of diyas, why not become the bearer of happiness to homes located in every nook and cranny of the country? You may’ve started an internet business in India, but have you put your best foot forward yet? Have you thought of festival time delivery? If not, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. How? Through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

Fulfilment by Amazon, aapke sath kadam milake If you’re starting a business in India, the Diwali fervour is what you should bank on. Believe us when we say your products will fly off the shelves in a frenzy1. After all, our customers are on the lookout for most amazing gifts for their friends and family. But all of that online shopping is a wasted effort if these products don’t reach their intended recipients on time. The perils of a faulty delivery not only include dissatisfied customers but a slack in sales. Who’d ever want that, right? So, what do you do? Enter Fulfilment by Amazon.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) allows you access to Amazon’s globally renowned fulfilment centre, along with all its amenities. In short, Amazon takes care of your inventory, ensures fast and free delivery and provides top-notch customer service. Yes, it’s that impressive. You don’t have to break your head over depleting stocks or undelivered products. Amazon’s seller portal will take the best possible care of your internet business.

Without an iota of doubt, the benefits of FBA are many, here we list the top few:

• Your business becomes the apple of your eye. Without the headache of looking after stocks and shipping, you have ample time to do your research, learn new tricks of the trade and focus on scaling your business.
• Your customers start showing faith in you. Earning customer loyalty is a Herculean task. With so much competition, only the best can leave their mark on their customers. Amazon’s world-class customer service and customer-centric delivery system helps build trust among your customers. In turn, you gain a dedicated customer base.
• You only pay for services you avail, there are no hidden costs. At the Amazon seller portal, we take care of all your business needs. Of course, no extra charges are levied beyond those which availing FBA requires. FBA does not burn a hole in your pocket.
• You offer customers the opportunity to Pay on Delivery (POD). A lot of customers prefer paying on delivery over paying through payment gateways. FBA offers them just that and guarantees safe, secure and timely payments for both parties.
• You get to be a part of Amazon Prime. With Amazon prime, your products are eligible for one day or two delivery. Fast and free delivery translates into happy customers, who keep coming back to you every time they want a product of your offering. Your customer base grows, as does your popularity.

There you have it. Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) is your best friend as far as inventory management, delivery and customer service are concerned, especially during the rush hours of Diwali shopping. So, if you’re starting a business in India, head over to the Amazon Seller Services website. Register here in a few steps and make a grand entry into the fascinating world of e-commerce this Diwali. Kariye apne business ki shubarambh Amazon ke sath!
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