Difficulties of a point of sale machine

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 19/10/2017
A point of sale system (POS) is the gateway where all the transactions are carried out. This is the exit point of any sales that are made and a gateway through which the customer pays for the product and the seller receives the amount. Needless to say, a POS system is a highly important feature for online shopping. If you have your own e-commerce website, make sure that it does not have the following issues:

Security concerns: A POS system is a place where sensitive information like credit and debit card details are stored. To give the best experience to the customer, you should make sure that their personal details are not compromised. Invest in a hacker detection system, so as to track any fraudulent transaction or security breaches.

Capturing promotions: A POS system should be able to automatically calculate the discounts and present the final price at the time of checkout. Most paid POS systems fail at this at some point or other, leading to a bad customer experience. The POS systems that have zero-error promotion capturing features are very expensive, adding to the growing costs.

Reporting issues: Even if there is a minor glitch in the system, thousands or lakhs of rupees can go untracked. A POS machine should be able to track each and every transaction that is made, including reverse transactions. This will help you keep a tab on the amount of money that has gone in and out of the system.

Confusing UI: More often than not, a confusing user interface (UI) can disrupt customer experience. This might also make you lose the customer’s trust in your website. Once the user adds products to cart and tries to check-out, they should be able to seamlessly navigate between different modes of payments. This is why, you should always opt for a POS that has user-friendly UI, which does not baffle the shoppers.

Technical snags: There are many issues that can occur while checking out. There might be a network outage, customers could get charged an incorrect amount, or the system could be unable to read the card details. A POS should be able to check the customer out without throwing any errors. However, lot of low-price POS systems fail at this and may run into technical issues, and the ones that are better are very pricey.

Mobile compatibility: Since a majority of online customers use mobile sites/apps to shop, your POS should be mobile compatible. It should also be able to run smoothly under very low speed mobile data. It should not take up a lot of internal memory or cause the battery to drain out rapidly. The UI must be legible and coherent.

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