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by Arshiya Dey on 03/03/2016
Online selling as a business model entices people with the potential of high return on investment, rapid growth opportunities and the flexibility of working with the top e-commerce platforms globally. These benefits encourage many to become entrepreneurs, but the one thing that is often overlooked is that online selling enables you to do it all by yourself, at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office. You don’t have to visit marketplace offices, haggle with real estate agents or unnecessarily run around for signatures. The entire process to setup your account can be completed within minutes with just a few standard documents required.

Let’s take as an example. The entire process of becoming an Amazon seller can be divided into three steps:

1. Registration:
To register means to create your seller account on To do this, you can visit our Services Website and click on ‘Register Now’. You will be given a basic form to fill in your business details, the name of the business you want to take online and your TAX registration details (also explained in this post). And, that’s it, once you confirm your mobile number via OTP, you are ready to start setting up your online store.

2. List and go live:
Once registered, you will now have access to Amazon’s selling platform called Seller Central. This is where you will be listing your products that you need to sell, manage orders, shipping details, answer customer messages and see reports about your account’s health and your payments from Amazon.
In case you need help with listing your products in terms of imaging and cataloguing (or anything else you might not be familiar with initially), please feel free to reach out to the seller support team via ‘Contact Us’ on Seller Central or any of our third party service providers who will be thrilled to assist you.

3. Grow your business:
Once you start selling on, crores of customers across different cities will be able to view and buy your products. You will also get the benefit of the quick payment cycle that Amazon offers to its customers. Incoming customer feedback will also help you improve on your product selection, prices and service, helping you gain more frequent and loyal customers.

If at any step you face challenges, you can take advantage of our Amazon Seller University training videos that can guide you step by step from registrations to growing your business online. In case you want to read further and prepare yourself with all the requirements before you start registering, you can read our guidance post - All you need to know about setting up your business on an online marketplace!

To further facilitate this ‘Do it yourself’ model – where you don’t have to depend on anyone, we have also created online training sessions known as webinars. These 60 minutes sessions are conducted via the internet and the entire process of registration and listing creation is explained in detail. The webinars can be attended at your own convenience.

With the right guidance, information and tools, you can start today and have a new business running online via Amazon in a few hours. So do go on, do-it-yourself and become an entrepreneur.

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