How to find the best e-commerce logistics provider in India

by Souvik on 24/11/2017
A recent report claims that 30% of the total items purchased online are returned by consumers due to improper delivery*. From damaged products to long transit time, there are numerous logistics-oriented issues that can often impact a customer’s shopping experience. Therefore the right logistics partner can often become that one distinguishing factor for those conducting their business online. The logical question ask here is, why does one need a credible logistics partner? There are many possible answers to that question, the most important being it helps you serve your customers better, builds their trust in your brand, and in turn attracts more prospective customer, building your brand’s goodwill.

If you are running an online business, it is almost imperative to develop a credible, reliable, and effective network of service providers and partners. The right combination can provide a competitive edge to your business.

With brands offering the same range of products and targeting the same list of buyers, a good logistics partner can impact your business the following ways:

Enhance customer experience.

Strengthen your brand image.

Build consumer loyalty.

Compliment your marketing and promotional activities.

But, there’s a tiny catch in the process. Finding a good ecommerce logistics provider in India can prove to be a tedious task, because of the following reasons:

The logistics market is crowded but has a very few mature players.

Pan India coverage is offered by a handful of logistics providers.

There is an unwillingness to handle cash-on-delivery payment option.

Most service providers have high service charges with hidden costs.

However, fret not. There’s a tried and tested way out of this tedious process that can assure you decent logistics and ensure happy customers. If you register as a seller on Amazon, logistics will no longer be a worry. Amazon’s Easy Ship option comes with end-to-end logistics support, simplifying your value chain. Fulfilled by Amazon gives you additional warehouse support along, not to forget Amazon’s credibility and wide base of customers. All of this at a fraction of the cost of other service providers will help you grow your business. All you need to do is to get, set, and go on Amazon today.

*Source: Business2Community: E-commerce Product Return Statistics and Trends

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