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by Rishav Raj, Swathi Damodar and Arshiya Dey on 31/08/2016
As an Indian seller, you must get regular requests to give discounts or offers on your products from customers. These offers delight your customers and help build your relationship with them. At Amazon, we strive to always achieve this feeling of delight not just for our customers but also for our amazing sellers.

One of the main drivers of this seller delight is the ‘Amazon Seller Rewards Program’. Exactly like what it sounds, this seller exclusive loyalty program has been created to help our seller community grow as they sell on Amazon. Run via the Amazon Seller Rewards portal, it gives you the opportunity to earn reward points by participating in various offers and contests. These reward points can then be redeemed against a range of interesting options like Sponsored Products ads credit, services from third party Service Provider Network or even to buy products from Amazon.in. Basically, the reward points are in the form of digital money that you can use for any of the options mentioned here:

Amazon Gift Card – Buy products from Amazon.in

Cash Rewards – Cash in your bank account

Free account boost – Get help from experts on business

Free transportation – Get free transport to Amazon Fulfillment centers easily

Free product images – Get professional images to boost sales

Free product listings – Get professional help with listing your products on Amazon

Now, to be eligible for these offers and contests, you have to be an active seller on Amazon and you need to register yourself once on the Seller Rewards Portal by clicking here. If you are a registered Amazon seller, you should use your Seller Central Username and password to log in. You can click here to get access to all the offers or go through the FAQ section in case you have queries.

Alternatively, if you haven’t yet registered to sell on Amazon, you can click here to get started.

Here’s what a happy Amazon seller had to say about this loyalty program:

“We opted-in the seller rewards program last year, 2015. We didn’t know much about the program back then, but when we started taking interest in the rewards program, it actually helped us a lot. There were actual money rewards which we could directly redeem on our bank account. Well, we have earned many rewards from this program, and it is one of the most encouraging program to be an active seller on amazon marketplace”Anup Bijendrakumar Garg, Vibes

If you would like to register as a seller on Amazon and benefit from the seller rewards program, you can click here. To read on other topics, you can click here.

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