Amazon Seller app is a complete solution to manage your online business on the go

by Arshiya Dey & Arundeep Singh Walia on 08/06/2016
As you might know, at Amazon, we have a deep passion to make it easier for our sellers to manage and grow their businesses. To un-block our sellers and give them more flexibility, we frequently launch new initiatives and solutions. Because of this singular focus, in the year 2015, Amazon India launched an app exclusively for Indian sellers. Since growing numbers of sellers in India use smartphones, Amazon’s seller app helps enable sellers to quickly register and start selling online.

The app has made it much easier and convenient than ever before for you to quickly update your inventory, source and list new items on and respond faster to customer queries. You can also view your sales summary for the same day, week (to date) and month (to date) - all at the touch of a button. The convenience of responding to your customers in real time gives you the option to implement their feedback on the go, resolve their queries and efficiently plan the next steps without much delay. All this leads to an excellent experience for you and your customers.

The Seller App is free for you to download, all you need is your existing login information for Seller Central to quickly get started. The app is currently available for all Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store.

The Amazon Seller App also allows you to:

Source New Items to Sell Using Visual Search: The new visual search option with the image recognition technology has made sourcing products much easier. You can point the camera at an item and start listing it. The app also uses the camera to detect and scan the product barcodes. You can also create new ASINs if your products are not already present in the Amazon catalogue.

Estimate the Profitability of Items before they are listed for sale: You can add the product cost information to see the estimated profitability of your items for both Seller Fulfilled and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees.

Confirm Orders: Receive notifications of new orders, review order details and confirm shipment details on-the-move.

Schedule Easy Ship Pick Up: You can Schedule Easy Ship pick up from the convenience of your smartphone. The all new single page schedule pickup workflow saves you a lot of time. To schedule pickups faster, add your Package Type preferences in seller app settings.

Respond to Customers: You can provide great customer service by responding to customer questions quickly from your mobile device.

Selling Coach: Be notified on the go about opportunities to sell new products and keeping your pricing competitive.

Access Support from Amazon: Have a question? As a registered seller you can use the app to contact Seller Support via email or phone call-back support. Sellers can also provide feedback about the app directly to Amazon from within the app.

Along with these features, the app also allows you to get important account related notifications, monitor the status of FBA inbound shipments sent to the Amazon warehouse, and remotely monitor your inventory to ensure an optimal level of product availability.

If you are selling on Amazon, we hope that you have already started using the app. It can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store. If you haven’t yet started selling on Amazon, then register now and take advantage of all these features! Also, please do contact Amazon Seller Support if you have any further questions.

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