Automate Pricing – Edit a pricing rule

by Arshiya Dey and Tarun Gupta on 17/03/2017
In our previous blogs, we informed you about the new feature launched for Amazon sellers that allows you to automate the pricing of your products based on the trending price. This feature is popularly known as Automate Pricing. To use this feature you must first create a pricing rule. Once you have created a pricing rule, it is only natural that you may want to edit it or change it. In this blog, we will briefly learn how to edit a pricing rule based on your requirement.

Pause/Delete a rule - Pausing a rule will stop repricing on all SKUs assigned to the rule and keep prices at their current value. Find the rule you want to pause and click on the pause/delete option corresponding to that. It may take up to 1 hour for all your SKUs to be paused. You can also resume repricing by clicking on the resume button.

Edit rule parameters - To edit the rule parameters, find the rule you want to edit and click on Edit rule Parameters under the rule summary. From here, you can edit your rule the same way as you created it.

You can also edit the SKUs assigned to the rule. You can add, stop or move listings to a rule. Go to edit SKU corresponding to the rule.

To add listings to your rule, find the listings you want to add and fill in the minimum and maximum price and click on start repricing.

To move a listing from an existing rule, click on move/stop corresponding to your listing. Select the rule you want to move the SKU to and confirm.

To stop repricing a listing, select move/stop, and then click on stop repricing and confirm.

You can also view the price change history by clicking on Price Change History under the corresponding SKU.

Skip the manual effort and start repricing today to experience how Automate Pricing can help your business.

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