Expand your Customer Reach with Pay on Delivery (Cash on Delivery)

by Pinaz on 27/10/2017
An ethnic Indian outfit? Festive decorations? And the perfect earrings for your daughter to go with it? Festivals or not, we all love to shop for things we like. Today, with e-commerce, the options are just a click away. Customers love to see and get a feel of the product before having to pay for it. This is particularly true in India where cash is the most preferred channel of payment.

It can be argued that the option of Pay on Delivery (also called Cash on DElivery or CoD) has been instrumental in fuelling the growth of e-commerce businesses in this hyper-competitive digital landscape. But, offering Pay on Delivery may be a slightly risky affair. Perhaps it’s the risk of customers refusing to pay because they don’t want the product, or customers not being at home, or maybe even not having the right change? Sometimes the risk of ensuring that the cash received by the delivery person reaches the seller in time is what scares businesses. But, at the same time, Pay on Delivery helps you gain popularity among your customers. After all, most customers prefer Pay on Delivery over online transactions.

But whatever the case, cash on delivery courier services are a critical offering for growing businesses to have. Businesses that offer it stand a much stronger chance to maximize customers, and kick-starting their profitability. Here is why providing COD helps attain and retain a satisfied consumer:

COD helps customers check the product for defects before paying for it. This helps you gain credibility among your customers.
Cash transactions are hassle-free and easy. Customers without credit cards of their own can buy products online through cash payment. This widens your customer base and can boost your sales!
COD shields the consumer from potential frauds and risks that are associated with online transactions. Thus, it helps build trust for your brand.
Amazon’s cash on delivery courier service has no extra delivery charges. Therefore, with COD, transactions are cheaper and safer than online transactions.

So, offering the option to your customer is a great way to attract an enormous customer base and outshine your competitors. Amazon’s cash on delivery courier service allows you to give your customers the flexibility to purchase your products without an advance payment, and sets the cash registers ringing for your business. Here is how it can work for you:

Begin by becoming a seller on Amazon to enable the cash on delivery option for your consumers. You will receive the applicable revenue directly in your bank account.
On receiving a customer’s order, just keep the package ready and packed. Our delivery executives will do the rest while you sit back and enjoy stress-free delivery.
Easy ship service and the Fulfilled by Amazon service provide complete logistic and warehousing support – an end-to-end seller experience is now possible with the cash on delivery courier service to drive your business growth.

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