The fastest way to expand your wholesale business from home

by Arshiya Dey on 10/08/2017
Traditionally in India, wholesalers have restricted themselves to only dealing with distributers. They avoided direct interaction with customers primarily to avoid the price negotiation haggle that lead to a beating in profits and unnecessary efforts in case the purchase wasn’t made. However, this practice has slowly grown to affect them negatively. With increased amounts of commission and delayed payments, it had slowly grown to become difficult for wholesale business owners to sustain themselves independently.

In order to overcome this, wholesale business owners have started reaching out to customers directly. And, this time, they won’t be faced with the other challenges of door to door sales or setting up a beautiful offline shop.

This time, they are setting up their stores on Amazon.

To set up your wholesale business on Amazon and manage it from home, you need access to two things:
>If you have a smartphone with internet, you can quickly register your online store by providing the following four things:

Contact Details – Name, Phone Number, Email Address & Postal Address
GST number/ID – Visit the AtoZ GST guide to learn how to acquire one.
PAN (Permanent account number) number for business
Bank Account Details to receive your payment

Once registered you can create a catalogue of your products and add/list them to your online store in bulk. As soon as your products are listed, you can launch you store. You can also download the Seller App to manage your business on the go.
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