Time to explore the top franchise business opportunities in Kolkata

by Priyanka on 21/02/2018
You might be living in the City of Joy and maybe the entrepreneurial bug has bitten you so hard that you quit your 9 to 5 job and want to make a living out of your own venture. If that’s your story, you can consider cashing in on the franchise business opportunities.

Considered an ideal way for beginners to get the necessary business exposure, a franchise is a license that allows an individual to have access to a business’s proprietary knowledge, processes and trademark for a certain period of time. The franchisee can offer a product or provide a service under the umbrella of that business. Through this arrangement, the franchiser grants the franchisee the right to use his trademark or trade name and some business practices for selling a product or service.

Here are some business categories which offer profitable franchise business opportunities you can consider once you have a business plan in place:

Baby products

A lot of brands offer a wide range of baby care products, starting from diapers to creams, lotions, baby food, etc. This makes baby products a top category for franchise business opportunities.


Footwear has always been a popular item to sell. There are as many footwear brands as there varieties of shoes. This simply implies that there are a ton of franchise opportunities for interested sellers if they want to sell shoes online.

Beauty products

Cosmetics and beauty products have a stable market demand all year round, making it a profitable business idea to begin with. Add to that a wide range of skincare products and you’ve ample franchise opportunities to explore in this area.

The risk and investment involved in a franchise business opportunity in Kolkata are usually quite low and a franchisee can start off under a well-established model and system. There is no need for the franchisee to engage in separate marketing activities as the parent companies generally takes care of that.

With the franchising arrangement, the franchisee needs to stick closely to business terms and conditions and share profits with the franchiser. While the parent company might closely monitor operations and sometimes even levy a high royalty fee, considering this business model might just be worth your time.

Check off this list to make good use of franchise business opportunities:

Business category: The franchisee needs to select the business category very carefully. There are a host of options available such as food joints, food chain, beauty and grooming services, etc. The key is to identify one’s interest level and potential of that particular business to succeed in the Kolkata market.

Brand value: Brand value plays a crucial role in establishing business credibility. It’s always a good idea to go for a well-recognised and easily identifiable brand name that resonates with your target audience.

Investment structure: The franchisee should have a fair idea of the kind of investment that is required to set up a franchise business in Kolkata. It is better to avoid making high investments during the initial stage.

Expansion plans: Even a franchise business requires expansion in order to maintain market positioning. The franchisee should be aware of when and how the existing franchise business should be scaled up.

Armed with the right information, you too can start an online franchise of your own. Just make sure you obtain necessary permissions from the parent company before starting off. Then, head over to Amazon and register in just a few clicks. Set up your own online shop front and you’ll be ready to roll.

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