Factors to consider before learning how to manufacture paper

by Priyanka on 25/01/2018
The paper industry is India is all set to meet the projected demand of 20 million tons by 2020*. The sector is expected to clock a GDP of 8.5 percent in the coming years*. The Union Government’s decision to decentralise the paper making industry will attract and promote investment.

At present, the industry is seeing a huge demand of household paper items such as tissue paper, facial tissues, face wipes, paper towels, paper napkins, paper cups, and saucers etc. If you’ve been planning to invest in a paper manufacturing venture, now is a great time to start putting your thoughts into action.

But, if you’re wondering how to manufacture paper, look no further. Read on the find out the focus areas you need to consider to unlock a world of opportunities in paper manufacturing.

Market analysis: Market analysis is the single most important factor when it comes to starting any venture. You need to understand how the paper industry operates, the challenges, and the growth potential. You should have a fair idea of your competitors and the segment in which they are operating. This will help you to come up with suitable strategies for successfully running your venture. If you’re a register seller on Amazon, you will have hire professionals to help prepare an effective business strategy.

Make an investment plan: Paper manufacturing is a capital intensive business, a major chunk of funds will go in buying the machinery and equipment. So, you need to have an investment plan before starting off. Depending on the scale of manufacturing you’re looking at, you will need to make investments in setting up a small facility, hiring labour, maintaining logistics, etc.

Register your business: It is essential to register your business per trade laws applicable in your area. You are liable to pay income tax and fulfil other formalities. Ensure all legal requirements are met before beginning production.

Choose the right machinery: There are various machines available in the market to produce different types of paper. The pricing will depend on the production capacity. Make sure you research extensively on what kind of machinery and equipment is best suited to your need. Always buy machinery authorised sellers only. It’s a good idea to visit a couple of suppliers, compare the price, and then make a purchase.

Raw Materials: The raw materials comprise wooden fibres from saw mills, coniferous trees (also known as softwood in paper industry). Connect with dealers who supply raw materials in your area. The quality of the final product will depend on the kind of raw material used.

Logistics: The final step would be distribution. You need to arrange transportation of the finished product to buyers or wholesalers. In order to meet targets without fail and make delivery, you must have an efficient transportation facility at your disposal.

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*Source: Next What Business: 10+ Profitable Paper Business Ideas

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