Factors to consider before choosing names for e-commerce websites

by Priyanka on 22/12/2017
As a seller, you have to consider a number of aspects ranging from clutter-free design, simple and effective User Interface, easy navigation and accessibility, well-structured shopping cart etc. for an e-commerce website. In this milieu, you may overlook the importance of naming your website. However, do bear in mind that your website’s name is often the first thing a customer will notice about your offering and bears direct influence upon the domain name. So, naming your website right is of utmost importance. Keep the naming process intuitive, but consider the following before choosing names for e-Commerce websites:

With many websites crowding the e-marketplace, you need to ensure your website’s name is one of its kind, stands out in a crowd while accurately conveying the idea behind your website. Choose wisely, for the website name eventually becomes your brand’s identity.

Audience appeal:
The name should have a distinct appeal for the audience demographic you wish to engage with. If it’s a regional audience and the products are local, then the name should aptly signify that. However, if it’s a larger audience across culture and demography, then a cosmopolitan name would have a wider appeal.

Your online store name should be easy to remember and spell. There are three ways by which customers can spot your website:

While searching for specific products.

Following links on other websites.

Typing in the URL.

Make sure the name you choose creates an impact on the minds of potential buyers, such that they refer to your brand when shopping for products that your offer.

The right domain:
This is the most important aspect of your website naming process. Your domain is the address that is used to identify your website. The domain should be identical to the name of your online shop. Domains influence everything from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Social media Marketing (SMM) and the overall success of your website.

Amazon’s offering:
To sum it up, the name of your e-Commerce website should trigger association with the product or brand among consumers and encourage them to buy the brand. But, you can forego the hassle of building your own website by selling with Amazon. An online market place like Amazon is favourable to small businesses as it minimises capital investment, guarantees customer outreach, hassle-free delivery, and reduces marketing costs. On Amazon, you can host your own website that will act as your storefront, and enlist help from experts in choosing the perfect name for your brand. Make the most of Amazon Sponsored Products and advertise your brand to your target customers.

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