Four easy ways to list your products on Amazon

Choose the easiest way to list your product on Amazon now!

by Swati Bucha and Akshat Gupta on 27/04/2017
In this digital age, sellers with a physical shop may feel that listing products online is a challenge. If you have your documents in place and a product to sell, then listing your product is the last step to get your online business started.

With, listing your product can be very easy. There are multiple ways to do it, so you can choose what suits you best. In this article, we will take you through the four different methods that can help you to list your products on, better and faster.

Scan your products to list Amazon Seller App allows you to scan barcodes (UPC, EAN or ISBN) on your products. If your products have barcodes, then you can simply scan using the scan button on the top right corner of the Amazon Seller App’s home screen.
If the barcode is already available with, then you can match your product to an existing product associated with that barcode. You can list that product just by adding offer details. To start using the scanning feature, download Amazon Seller App from Google Play Store and iOS App store.

Match your products to the existing list marketplace features products sold by many sellers. To prevent the same product from appearing many times, Amazon provides a product matching feature. Product matching helps you match your product to an existing one. When you match, Amazon adds offer details (price, quantity and shipping method etc.) provided by you for such product, which will appear on the detail page of that product. If a product does not exist on the marketplace (i.e. is not already listed by a seller), you can create a new product detail page. In most cases, products may be available on the marketplace, as a seller must have listed the same product in the past. Once you are an seller, you can start listing your products by matching products. For listing products by matching, you need to click here. You may watch this video for further details.

Use “Prepare your listings” feature to list many products If you have an excel file with product information in it, you can list products using 'Prepare Your Listings' feature. Sellers can access the tool by clicking on Prepare Your Listings > ‘Add a Product’ page in Seller Central and undertake the following 4 simple steps to create listings of their products.
->Upload product file
->Confirm categories
->Match product information
->Create listings

Use “Custom inventory template” to list many products A custom inventory template provides sellers with a minimum set of attributes in an excel sheet for listing of a large number of products in one go. This is very useful if the number of products you have is very large. You can include all details about every product you want to sell in a single template. Register to sell on Amazon and click here to start using such inventory template to list your products.

We hope this article will help you list your products faster and eventually grow your business. However, if you have not yet started selling on Amazon, please click here.
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