Use this cataloguing offer to quickly setup your online store

by Arshiya Dey on 20/04/2016
Disclaimer : Kindly note that this offer is currently not available online. Please contact the Seller Support team for assistance or you can get in touch with our third party Service Provider Network to avail cataloguing services at competitive prices.

Previously, we have posted about how simple it is to create a catalogue and to start selling on Amazon. We also explained the importance of creating the perfect catalogue to be a successful online seller, the processes and steps a seller must follow while creating the catalogue and also briefly introduced you to the process of listing. Now we have something even better to talk about – an opportunity to speed things up even more and getting your product catalogue created for free.

To help you get started with selling online, we are promoting a special offer that allows all registered Amazon Sellers to get free cataloguing service for any number of products that they want to sell (no limit on the number of products). That’s right, it is an unbelievable service that you should definitely take advantage of.

To avail this offer you will have to:

Register to sell on

Once you register (or if you already have an Amazon seller account), fill this interest form.

(Please make sure that you fill in all the fields. Any incomplete field may obstruct you from receiving the free service).

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